Trust The Republicans To Cut Spending? You’re A Fool

Over at National Review’s Exchequer blog, Kevin Williamson points out that there’s no reason to hope that the GOP would cut Federal spending should it regain power:

Republicans, perhaps because of their party’s evangelical wing, understand what it means to be born again — and they’re out to convince Americans that they are born-again debt crusaders, ready to rumble in the holy struggle for smaller deficits and less-unbalanced budgets. This takes a little bit of chutzpah. Here’s McConnell: “The American people don’t think our problem is that government taxes too little. Our problem is that government taxes too much. And that it spends too much and borrows too much. And until Democrats demonstrate even the slightest ability to restrain the recklessness with which they spend Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars, the job creators and the workers of this country aren’t about to take them seriously on how to lower the debt. The American people shouldn’t be asked to pay the price for Democrats’ recklessness through higher taxes.”

Except, as Williamson points out, there’s this:


To put it bluntly, every time the Republicans have been in power in Congress, they have continued the same spend-spend-spend philosophy that the Democrats follow. Yes, they may spend it on different things, but they still spend, with little effort to even try to figure out how to pay for what they’re spending. The mere fact that the GOP has been out of power for four years doesn’t mean that there’s any reason to believe that they should be trusted this time.

Williamson goes on to note, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s website contains a long list of policy proposals. Missing from the list, however, is any mention of cutting government, cutting entitlements, cutting defense spending, or reducing the size and scope of government. That ought to tell you what McConnell really has planned if he happens to become Majority Leader any time soon.

As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times……..I’m not that stupid.

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