Presidential Responsibility Lacking

A year and a half into office, President Obama still has many of the same problems that were waiting for him on day one. The economy is horrid, we’re fighting two wars, and Americans are apathetic about government just to name a few. The President, and his supporters, have pointed out that he inherited many of these problems. They weren’t of his making, they argue. This is may be true, many of them they were waiting for him on day one, so indeed he inherited them.

But at some point, you’ve got to stop blaming Bush and take some responsibility on your own. A year and a half into office, the economy is fully yours. The wars are yours too. It sucks, but they’re yours anyways.

You see, I’m not fan of George W. Bush. The only time I remotely liked him as a president was after 9/11, and that was short lived. I felt hope when President Obama was inaugurated, hoping against hope that he had a more libertarian bent than I expected. Yes, I too got caught up in the hope that was Barack Obama.

It didn’t last.

In short order, the President began showing that he and President Bush weren’t all that different. TARP II was just one example, since it wasn’t much different than TARP. Bailouts aplenty were the cause of the day, just as it had been in previous administrations. But these were hardly the most egregious examples of the similarities between the two men.

Those examples fall into his refusal to close down Guantanamo Bay, despite campaign promises to do so. It’s his refusal to draw down Iraq, and his desire to escalate Afghanistan. So much for that Nobel Peace Prize, huh?

His economic policies have failed to bring about the recovery hoped for. The second stimulus was geared towards public works projects, improving infrastructure, etc. But it hasn’t really brought about the job growth necessary. It’s just spent money like there was no tomorrow.

President Obama shouldn’t feel bad on that front though. No, you see, even FDR hit that same snag. His public works projects didn’t exactly rebound the economy either. Years of such programs failed to bring us out of the Great Depression. But FDR didn’t blame his predecessor. He took the problem as his and tried to fix it. He tried in all the wrong ways, expecting government to solve the problem, but at least he owned the problems and didn’t try and pass them off on someone else.

Whenever I hear a President claim he inherited the problem, I’m left wondering what else will he try to blame on another. However, a year and a half into his presidency, it’s now his problems to deal with. It’s time for him, and most especially his supporters, to shut up about Bush and accept that he hasn’t done the job he thought he would.

I can accept a man saying “I screwed up.” What I can’t tolerate is yet another person saying, “but it’s not my fault.” I don’t care anymore.

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