Rasmussen ranks Senate races in 2010 mid-terms

Rasmussen Reports released their rankings of United States Senate seats in the 2010 mid-term elections. The rankings show 10 seats up for grabs, six of those being held currently by Democrats.

Listed below are the seats expected to be competitive in November. Not included are Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana and North Dakota, which are all currently held by Democrats but are expected to turn Republican.


  • Colorado
  • Florida (open)
  • Illinois (open)
  • North Carolina
  • Missouri (open)
  • Nevada
  • Ohio (open)
  • Pennsylvania (open)
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Lean GOP

  • Kentucky (open)
  • New Hampshire (open)

Lean Dem

  • California

If yesterday’s polling from Kentucky is any indication, that race my wind up being a toss-up as well. Sen. Barbara Boxer is probably safe in California, given the electoral history of the state. If she only has a single-digit lead in September or October, I’d be shocked.

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