Jon Stewart slams Obama on civil liberties, executive power

“[Y]ou have your own secret military programs that go beyond even what Bush was doing. You didn’t think we’d find out?! You stumble in late at night. We’re not blind. You stumble in late at night, reeking of power - little traces of classified on your collar.” - Jon Stewart

On Tuesday night, Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, lit into President Barack Obama for not living up to campaign promises of turning back abuses of civil liberties under the Bush Administration and reigning in executive power.

Stewart specifically slammed Obama on refusing to let foreign detainees have their day in court (suspending habeas rights), expanding secret wars, maintaining the “state secrets” policy of the last administration, questioning whether or not to read Americans their Miranda rights and prosecuting whistleblowers.

Here is the clip. It’s over 8 minutes, but it’s worth watching:

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