The Republicans Will Be Watching Us

The following was authored by Ron Davis, a conservative activist from Georgia and founder of and

The GOP will be watching the U.S. Senate race in Georgia very closely this year.  Johnny Isakson, disliked by many Republican voters, is expected to win the election in November and return to the U.S. Senate for another six years.

In the past few years, Georgians have been awakened to Isakson’s liberal tendencies, but they are scared to vote against him.  No viable candidate will challenge Isakson in a primary election, and he will win the general election because voters refuse to vote for a non-Republican out of a fear of being represented by a Democrat.

Isakson has spent his time in Washington – even his time in the Senate during the Obama administration – working to increase government spending and to justify the continued growth of our federal government.  Johnny Isakson is clearly not a good choice for the conservative voter.

There is a conservative on the ballot this year, his name is Chuck Donovan.  He wants to cut spending, reduce our federal debt, and limit our financial obligations.  I am convinced he would work tirelessly, without compromise, to meet these goals.

Not too many years ago, the GOP had a chance to stand against big government and increased spending.  That opportunity was squandered by the likes of Isakson, which caused them to lose the majority in Washington.  If we vote to re-elect those that wasted their opportunity to limit government the first time around, how ludicrous is it to think they will do better if given another opportunity?

Voters must define the Republican Party by voting only for candidates that will diligently fight to limit government.  When we vote for the Republican on the ballot, we are telling the Republican Party that we approve of that candidate.  If we continue voting for terrible candidates like Johnny Isakson, we will keep seeing people like Isakson on the ballot.

Republicans, it is time to consider something radical: vote for the real conservatives on your ballot, no matter what party label they carry.  When Republican voters demand conservative candidates, the GOP will improve the quality of the candidates running for office.

If Isakson loses his bid for re-election, the Georgia GOP could only interpret the election outcome as Republican voters refusing to accept moderate candidates.  Such an upset would get the attention of elected Republicans across the nation, because if Johnny Isakson is vulnerable in Georgia, every elected Republican across the nation is vulnerable.

Voting for conservatives is the only way to get conservative values in Washington.  The past decade has shown us that voting for Republicans may get Republicans elected, but it offers no guarantee of electing conservatives.

The liberal and moderate Republicans will be paying attention to us this year.  The only way we can save our party is to send the GOP a clear message that we absolutely will not tolerate non-conservative candidates, and that we will vote for the real conservatives on the ballot, whether they are Republicans or not.

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