Death Knell: Tea Party/Freedom Candidates Running on Pure Unfetterd Principle

Yesterday, Ron Paul purist and anti-war Republican Adam Kokesh lost 29% to 71% to an “establishment” Republican despite outspending his opponent at least 2 to 1.

There is a big lesson here for all Tea Party and “Ron Paul” Republicans: No Republican campaign can win by trying to woo Democrats!

Banking on Democrats voting for you is suicide.

White writing, I’ve received an email from Adams campaign:

The relative numbers do not fully reflect the energy and commitment of those who cast a vote for us.  We were an unconventional campaign running against a conventional candidate.  The automatic reaction of old-fashioned party-line voters was to vote for our opponent.  Every single vote for us was an informed decision and an act of courage by the voter.

I’d like to congratulate the Kokesh campaign on getting out the courageous and well-informed. (He’s to be respected and commended for donating a year of his life to further his ideas - this is something not many people have the gumption for. )

Quite simply, you can’t win by trying to educate voters, you have to find common ground and connect with a base.

Years of tradition and repetition will not be undone by your crusade or principle. In a PRIMARY, working Democrats will have no effect on your campaign (duh?). Voters simply will not cross party lines to vote for your message; the best you can hope to do is drive down voter turnout by appealing to Democrats on issues.

If you are running for the Republican nomination, do not run from Republicans - embrace them, embrace the party, and find common ground. This may not be a popular sentiment on, but it is the truth - and it is effective.

Republicans are not your enemy. Republicans love limited government, want less taxes, and want freedom. Republicans are starting to come around on more fringe ideas - like monetary policy reform, income tax abolition, and a non-interventionalist foreign policy all based on strengthening America and it’s economy.

Do not ram esoteric messaging down the throats of voters! They do not and will not appreciate (or trust) a message they simply do not understand - no matter how right you may think you are.

Look at Ron Paul, he won’t win the presidential nomination in 2012 because in general, primary and caucusing Republicans loathe the man. The little old lady in my local Republican central committee said, and I quote:  “oh that Ron Paul, he’s just terrible”.

Because of his 2008 campaign, Ron Paul is pretty much hated in most Republican circles as he is thought of as being fringe, against the party, anarchistic and antiquated. It is because of this that Ron will never be president. However, Ron Paul will run in 2012, raise money, and further the freedom movement to support candidates that echo his message.

It’s a no brainer politically. Assuming good health Ron will run in 2012.

Ron running is good for the party, and for America. There is no doubt in my mind that candidates have stepped out of the woodwork because of the ground that the good doctor has trail blazed.

Every smart candidate will echo his calls for auditing the fed, reducing our overseas empire and restoring liberty.

They will do this to tap into the money churn that he, along with the TEA Party, have established.

But we have to remember this key concept: When it comes to elections, voters aren’t looking to be educated on esoteric concepts.

To create any sort of true change in our government we need to get back to the basics: Less Government, More Freedom.

Just take one look at the response to Rand Paul on his recent comments regarding the Civil Rights act and BP - he’s hurt his chances immensely by discussing esoteric concepts that may or may not be true. The fact of the matter is that he is unable to get his concepts across in two sentences or less. Voters do not trust what they don’t understand. It’s too easy to make Rand look like a fool by calling him a racist, oil-executive-loving fat-cat, (even though he isn’t) in this instance.

The Democrats have run on three simple concepts for the past 40 years: Helping women, children and the elderly - while protecting the environment.

The only thing we have to combat socialist messaging is: basic freedoms, self determination and more money in voters wallets.

We should be asking a basic question: Does government do more good than you can do yourself?

If you can’t compete with grandma having to chop her prescriptions in half, or little Timmy not getting the education that will rescue him from poverty - shelve your argument.

Martin Avila is CEO of Terra Eclipse and a Republican political strategist and consultant based out of California.

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