Ayaan Hirsi Ali: On Muhammed, “Spread the Risk”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is brilliant:

Another idea is to do stories of Muhammad where his image is shown as much as possible. These stories do not have to be negative or insulting, they just need to spread the risk. The aim is to confront hypersensitive Muslims with more targets than they can possibly contend with.

It’s really cosmically unfair that Ali is so gorgeous, incredible, articulate and intelligent. I really hope no harm ever comes to her.

Being offensive or derogatory to Muslims is not a good thing, and I’ll condemn anyone who does so. The best route is to be completely ridiculous, like the image Doug posted of Mohammed as a roll of string, a cup of coffee and a cherry. The average Muslim, when exercising common sense over ideology, will see how ridiculous threatening violence toward someone over such absurdity would be.

I’m glad, also, to see that condemnation is considerable throughout the political spectrum and the entertainment world, from Jon Stewart to The Simpsons. It’s a real improvement over the political correctness that followed the 2006 Jyllands-Posten Muhammed cartoon controversy.

Also check out the analysis from the Independent Institute.

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