Bayh puts Indiana Dems in difficult position

Buried deep inside stories on Sen. Evan Bayh’s decision not to seek re-election is potentially bad news for Indiana Democrats:

The timing of the expected Bayh announcement creates a dilemma for Democrats, though, since the deadline for candidates’ petitions to be submitted is Tuesday. That means Bayh’s name could still be on the ballot in May’s Democratic primary — Democrats will have another opportunity to pick a candidate through a separate nominating process. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is considering whether it would be possible for a replacement to be named.

Ballot access laws in the state require a candidate for office to have a nominating petition of 5,000 signatures, which would have been a difficult task to accomplish by noon today, with Sen. Bayh’s announcement occurring yesterday. It’s being reported that Democrat candidate, Tamyra D’ippolito, has the 5000 signatures necessary, but no reports yet of whether or not she turned them into the state in time.  No doubt, some sort of candidate substitution law already exists (not sure about that though) or the decision will be made by the state party itself.

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