Who Hijacked American Foreign Policy?

Way back in July of 2003 Ron Paul wrote an article entitled “We’ve Been Neo-Conned” in which he laid out facts showing that the “Neo-Con” philosophy had taken over the foreign policy of the USA (For a quick primer on the Neo-Conservative movement please click the link above). As I was reading this article one question kept repeating in my head:

“How did it come to this?

The only place to start I believe is with the American person (notice I didn’t use the plural “people”). I will use myself as an example since I believe my story is common to many modern-day libertarians and members of the Liberty movement.

In short, I was raised a Reagan Republican, became a Neo-Con after 9/11, converted to a Goldwater conservative after the invasion of Iraq and became a full-fledged libertarian after finding the writings of Murray Rothbard(OK, maybe every libertarian didn’t become one because of Murray but I think many have a similar story).

But here is what I believe is key in my story and the reason why there aren’t more capital “L” Libertarians: I didn’t get their foreign policy. Like many I actually referred to myself as libertarian on social and monetary issues, but not when it came to our “enemies”. I hear the same from freedom loving people over and over again, especially in the wake of 9/11.

The reason the Neo-Cons were able to seize power is FEAR. I am not putting anybody down because of it. I can certainly relate, but we still have to figure out why the American person is allowing our government todrop bombs and declare war on anybody they want to while we cheer them on. When does fear translate to lunacy?

A friend sent me an anonymous quote that I thought was relevant:

“Security is the government’s excuse to oppress and violate your rights with blind patriotism being their insurance policy.”

The first part of the quote struck a chord but the second part set off bells forcing me to ask questions: Do I love my country or do I love my government? And if I love my government, why?

Is this not the same government that spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money (Taken by threat of imprisonment mind you) to protect us from terrorist attacks like those that happened on 9/11?

Is this the government that has had to rely on the courage of the American person to foil one attack on 9/11 (flight 93) and two future attacks (the shoe and underpants bomber)?

Is this the government that has attacked two countries, killing countless innocents (just like those killed on 9/11) that have never waved a fist at us?

Is this the government that had to rely on a “tip” form the unabomber’s brother to catch him?

Is this the government that still has not found the criminals that sent anthrax through THEIR postal system?

Is this the government that is buddy-buddy with Saudi Arabia although it has been proven to be the number one training ground for terrorism in the world?

How is blind patriotism keeping you and those you love safe?

Our government has promised to declare “War on Terror” but bombs to the stone age villages 6,000 miles away from here while anybody with the intention of doing us real harm can walk over the southern border of the USA.

Again; how is blind belief that your government can protect you keeping you safe?

If after addressing these questions your inclination is to still look to our government for your safety then the answer to the question of how the Neo-Con’s seized control is peering at you in the mirror.

This “war” is costing the USA precious lives, forgotten billions (Until China calls in the note) and is recruiting thousands to the anti-American cause around the globe.

Whether you are for non-interventionism, shadow operations using “Letters of Marquis and Reprisal”, or just plain peace you have to make a decision to stand up to a government that has overstepped its bounds and is violating laws against humanity. The first step is to educate yourself. The second step is to educate everyone around you.

The government of the USA has put itself on a war footing that will likely continue in perpetuity unless “We the People” decide it must go on a different path.

Which path do you want it to take?

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