At Altar of Diversity, “PC” Means “Plane Crashes”



We live today in a world saturated with the groupthink of political correctness. Ideas, beliefs, and traditions that were just a few years ago non-controversial because, to borrow from the Declaration of Independence, they were “self-evident”, can now bring upon you heaping condemnations, boycotts, and even lawsuits for their mere utterance. Merely disagreeing with those that have parted ways with tradition can brand you as a “denier”, a bigot, homophobe, racist, or worst.

We have become a nation where the wisdom of generations of collective understanding, and human experience, has been replaced by the shiny new novelty of “enlightened” thinking, which tells us that there is no difference in the sexes, that gender is a social construct that can be chosen or changed at will, rather than a biological characteristic inherent at birth. This same groupthink elevates “diversity” as the Holy Grail of social engineering, a goal to be pursued at the expense of common sense, fairness (actual fairness, based on merit, not the redistributionist fairness of “social justice”), and achievement.

In most cases, these newfangled ideas are a source of debate or amusement, something to be argued or mocked. In other cases, it can potentially lead to dangerous outcomes, as seen in the current effort to water down physical standards to accommodate women in combat, as evidenced by the failure of women to pass not only the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course several years ago, but more recently, the failure of all eight women volunteers to pass the Army Ranger School, the elite Special Forces group of the U.S. Army. Some are calling for standards to be reduced for women so they can more easily qualify, but on the battlefield the enemy is unlikely to take it easy on soldiers just because they’re women, and higher casualties will be the likely result if the standards are lowered.

But it is possible that there is no more immediately dangerous manifestation of the mindlessness of political correctness than in the recent scandal surrounding the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) hiring practices.

As recently reported by the Fox Business Network, the FAA has discarded the previous merit-based system in favor of a “diversity” based system which places far more importance on having the correct skin color or genitalia than on competence and qualification. It is a recipe for disaster…literally.

A couple of decades ago, in an attempt to develop a pool of qualified applicants for air traffic controllers, one of the most critical, high stress jobs in the world, the FAA created the CTI (Collegiate Training Initiative) school system to train potential applicants. The cost for this training is not cheap - it can be tens of thousands of dollars - so those that complete the school have a legitimate expectation that, provided they score well and show adequate proficiency, they should be high up on the selection list for new hires by the FAA.

Unfortunately, common sense often dies an ignominious death on the altar of political correctness. In concert with such diversity pressure groups such as the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE), the FAA began an effort to increase minority representation among air traffic controllers, regardless of merit.

Previously, the FAA had based their hires on the results of an applicant’s score on the Air Traffic Selection and Training Exam (AT-SAT), but as America was ushering in New Years 2014, the Obama administration casually informed applicants, most of whom had spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars to become qualified as air traffic controllers, that their AT-SAT scores were being discarded, along with their CTI diplomas and faculty recommendations. This included several thousand military veterans who had already been deemed “well qualified”.

Instead, they were told they would need to re-apply, and that they would be competing with “off the street hires” who’d had no formal training or experience. All of their studies and the thousands they’d spent were suddenly worthless.

So were the new standards more exacting, in order to improve the quality of our air traffic controllers? No. CTI graduates were told that they would be considered on the basis of the FAA’s Biographical Questionnaire. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. Applicants were being asked extensive questions about their biological characteristics in order for the FAA to select applicants based not on skill, experience, or aptitude, but on sex and skin color. The FAA’s requirements were reduced to needing only to be a U.S. citizen, a high school diploma, and speak English.

In fact, it turns out that the NBCFAE not only pressed for biology-based preferences, they actually helped unqualified minorities cheat on the questionnaire, with a chapter president of the NBCFAE leaving voice mails for selected applicants telling them how to fill it out in order to “maximize your opportunities”. Even worse, the exam is take-home, unsupervised, and students have two weeks to complete the questionnaire.

The results are that highly qualified candidates are being bypassed in favor of less qualified applicants who have the “right” skin color or gender. One glaring example of this discrimination is the case of Matthew Douglas, who received a perfect score on his AT-SAT and graduated from CTI school, after spending $30,000 to get the necessary training to become an air traffic controller, and was then passed over for hire while less qualified applicants were offered jobs. Ironically, Douglas is a Native American (I guess he was not the “right” minority).

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the danger in these qualifications changes by the FAA. Air traffic controllers have one of the most difficult, high pressure jobs in the world, where every second that they are working they literally have the lives of thousands of passengers and billions in equipment under their responsibility. A mistake here means death and destruction of property on a massive scale.

Political correctness is the domain of infantalized adults who mistakenly believe that they have the right never to be offended, and that skin color or gender should afford them special privileges. It is bad enough that society indulges them in so many other areas, but this is one area where PC has no place; PC will get people killed. Hopefully, the media will stop ignoring this scandal and bring it to the light of day, where Americans can learn of it and demand an end to it.

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