Gay Marriage is Racist Since Only White People Support It (Not Really)


Usually when something becomes popular because mostly or exclusively white people enjoy it, the collective media/internet outrage machine works overtime to mock, discredit, and destroy that thing. Whether it be pumpkin spice lattes, Wes Anderson, or not vaccinating your children, Stuff White People Like is usually not good for anyone else. But what if only white people like a certain civil right?

A new poll of gay marriage support suggests that might be the case. Last week, YouGov polled nearly 1,000 online respondents and found that 48% of whites support “allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally”, but only 31% who identify as black and 39% as Hispanic do. In fact, they found that a majority of blacks oppose gay marriage.




But is it really? And is it even true? (Hint: No, and probably not.) Let’s find out!

The first red flag is the top-line number. This poll finds that only 45% of respondents support same-sex marriage. I say “only” because that’s about 10-15% lower than almost every other poll conducted on the issue in the last few years. If the overall support response is that far off, the demographic breakdowns are probably a bit off too.

And they definitely are. In an April 2014 poll showing 59% overall support for same-sex marriage rights (14% higher than the new poll), the internal race breakdown was all positive, showing 56% support among non-whites and Hispanics, not flipped like this poll.

The difference may be in the allowance for hesitation. In the YouGov poll, respondents were only allowed to favor, oppose, or be unsure. In the WaPo/ABC poll, there were options for “somewhat” and “strongly” for both. This definitely affected the overall numbers. The former showed 14% total unsure, while the latter only 7% unsure. I would deduce that if it had allowed its respondents to “somewhat favor”, the YouGov poll would look very different, both in the overall support and support among minority groups that are typically supportive of civil rights issues.

But even if the poll did shake out, and it turned out that only white people support gay marriage, it shouldn’t be an argument for conservatives to use against it. Marriage is either a right or not. Certain classes of people ought to be excluded from it or they shouldn’t. The argument shouldn’t rest on who else supports it. That kind of guilt by association collectivism is best saved for the left.

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