2014: Obama’s Song of Himself

Obama Singing

Politically speaking, 2015 could shape up to be a very dramatic year, what with it being just a year away from the presidential election that, to my mind, will determine if our country has survived a fairly concerted effort to turn toward European Socialism. As the year turns, it’s worthwhile to look backward for a minute and assess the victories and wins versus the moments when things didn’t exactly fall into place.

The White House certainly agrees, and so has produced a slideshow highlighting this administration’s “accomplishments”. Oh do give it a look. It’s a glorious little vanity project that could make you laugh if you get past the annoying self love and glaring word garbage that makes each slide not quite a lie as much as a statement lacking context. As Market Watch notes:

To hear the White House tell it, the November elections never happened and 2014 was a super-duper year for President Obama.

Of course the Market Watch writer seems bitter than Obama is taking credit for all these great wins and yet those clever conservatives still managed to win a whole lot in the midterms. Harrumph. If you’re so great President Obama — he seems to say — why are we subjected to their new reign of terror?

Matthew Hurtt, writing here at UL, examines some of the reasons Obama’s approval rating has fallen low enough to hand control of Congress back to the right.

…the bad news doesn’t stop there. The National Journal reports TEN events that perpetuated Obama’s terrible year, including his dismissal of ISIS as a serious threat, the prisoner swap of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for the Taliban Five, ongoing revelations about the NSA spying on American citizens, and more…

National Journal attempted to salvage 2014 for Obama by providing a few “high notes” to the year, but even those fall flat when examining the entire year: the Ebola scare that really wasn’t, putting global warming on the “front burner” (an issue that isn’t likely to go anywhere in the next Congress), and a humorous interview with comedian Zack Galifianakis (really?).

Obviously, none of these made the slide show.

So, the question is, why examine the past year as you move into the New Year if you’re not willing to be honest about the mistakes as well as the victories; if the only purpose of the reflection is to pat yourself on the back and talk about what a marvelous leader you are, how beloved and admired you are, and how (at least this is the implication) you will go down in history as one of the greats? I would say it was some subliminal PR for the Dem party as they move into what is likely to be a challenging election cycle, but given the ideological distance between the current president and the presumptive Dem nominee in 2016 (do I need to name her?), I don’t think that’s the case here.

Nope, it looks like clean, old-fashioned vanity, folks. Just a montage of narcissim disguised as helping (or even caring) about others.

Michelle Malkin, in discussing the annus horribilis of Obama’s signature law (of which one whole slide is devoted in his scrapbook of ME) notes the result of all that self-love — that same GOP takeover — is the glimmer of light in the otherwise dark night of Obama’s push toward progressivism:

One silver lining: A total of 16 Senators who voted for the federal health care takeover either failed to win re-election or declined to run for re-election.

Good riddance to them and farewell to Obamacare’s annus horribilis.

It really makes one want to encourage the kind of slideshow that is nothing more than an Obama song of himself. What better way to ensure that voters are completely rubbed the wrong way to a degree that anyone even associated with that favored entitlement and victim ideology — so radically removed from the original spirit of the American individual — is dismissed as part of the problem.

Keep singing progressives. We’ll see you in 2015.

And Happy New Year freedom lovers!

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