Mary Landrieu: Another one of #HillarysLosers?

Mary Landrieu

The bad news just keeps rolling in for former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Just a few days after Republicans dominated Federal and State elections, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) announced that it would pull all remaining TV advertisements for Mary Landrieu, all but giving up on the Senator and her bid to win a runoff election on December 6.

According to the Politico, the DSCC cancelled all local ad buys that it had purchased through December 6. In addition to the $1.6 million that it has already pulled, it is also working to pull another $275,000 from local markets. Contrast that with the $7.2 million in airtime that Republicans still have in lined up until December 6.

While the DSCC is backing off, Landrieu is finding support among a couple of her Democratic colleagues: Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergran Grimes, who was destroyed by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in last Tuesday’s race, and soon to be former N.C. Senator, Kay Hagan, who was defeated by Thom Tillis. Grimes and Hagan have both sent fundraising emails in support of Landrieu, encouraging their donors to support the next victim of the Republican wave.

While the DSCC may be pulling out its remaining resources, the Republican National Committee (RNC) isn’t pulling any punches for the December 6 runoff. During a recent interview, RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, said that that they were going to “… put the ground game on steroids and really have some fun.”

To rub it in a little more, Priebus had this to say about the ad buys:

“I just saw that all the ad buys for starting on Monday in Louisiana, every single market in Louisiana, there is not a single ad pro-Landrieu booked in Louisiana – not from her campaign, not from the Dem Senate Committee, no 527,” said the RNC chairman.

“If you look at the pro-Cassidy ad buys…every media market’s full. So I don’t know exactly how she’s going to compete,” Priebus questioned. “The RNC is sending 220 full-time staffers this weekend on planes. We’ve got hotels, meal plans, cars…”

In addition to the resources from the RNC, Rep. Bill Cassidy also received two major endorsements in the last week. Rob Maness, Cassidy’s Tea Party challenger, encouraged all of his supporters to throw their support behind Cassidy for the Runoff in December. Along with Maness, Rand Paul, considered a frontrunner for President in 2016, threw his support behind Cassidy and reminded supporters that if Landrieu were re-elected, she would be just another vote for President Obama and his failed policies.

Paul described last week’s election and the Republican gains made in Congress as a “repudiation of the president and his policies,” calling Landrieu a rubber stamp for the president.

“It’s time to bring her home,” he said in a packed Huey’s Bar, named after Louisiana’s most famous Democratic politician Huey Long.

With support from the RNC, Rob Maness, Sen. Rand Paul, and a lead in the polls, this is Bill Cassidy’’s race to lose. In addition to electing another Republican ally to the Senate, we will also get to see Sen. Rand Paul troll yet another Hillary Clinton endorsed candidate.

On Election Night, Senator Paul’s social media apparatus began posting pictures of losing Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate for whom Hillary Clinton had campaigned. Calling them #HillarysLosers, Paul posted pictures of defeated Democrats Bruce Braley (IA), Michelle Nunn (GA), Kay Hagan (NC), Mark Udall (CO), Allison Lundergan Grimes (KY), and Mark Pryor (AR).

Hillary's Losers

Editor’s Note: Just yesterday, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa tweeted about an awkward encounter between Senator Landrieu and top Democrat Chuck Schumer (read from bottom to top):

Costa's Tweets

Additionally, it appears Landrieu will buck her party to support the Keystone XL pipeline in a last-ditch effort to win the December 6 runoff.

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