Wendy Davis’ insane and illogical attacks against Greg Abbott are getting even more desperate


It was going to be hard to top the staggering tone deafness of hopless Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ attack ad targeting Greg Abbott’s alleged crusade against the disabled (Hint: Abbott is disabled). But there is no bar too low for a candidate who will likely lose by 15 points.

And just like that, the bar has been lowered yet again. Today, Davis attacked Abbott for refusing to say whether he’d defend a ban against interracial marriage in court as the state’s attorney general. Oh yeah, he’s married to a Hispanic woman.

I suppose just like Abbott wants to keep other disabled Texans from similar rewards like he received for the accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, he wants to keep other Texans from marrying members of other races, as he has. The #NextWendyDavisAd will inevitably accuse Abbott of marrying his wife Cecilia 32 years ago just to get Hispanic votes.

Predictably, this Davis attack parrots a Talking Points Memo post from Monday morning pointing out Abbott’s evasion of the question in a candidate interview with the San Antonio Express News editorial board. While TPM notes in paragraph 5 of 7 that Cecilia Abbott exists, the thought doesn’t cross their mind that she might be the reason Abbott refused to answer the question.

Ignoring the grossly insensitive context of the Abbotts themselves, the question itself is silly. Which other issues do we grill candidates about that were settled nationally by the Supreme Court almost 50 years ago? Do editorial boards routinely ask candidates whether they support separate water fountains for different races? TPM would probably scarequote that as not just a “hypothetical” issue, like they did with interracial marriage.

With just two weeks before election day and early voting starting Monday morning, the Davis campaign, and Texas Democrats in general, are becoming more and more hysterical in the face of their imminent overwhelming defeat.

Instead of resorting to disqualifying scorched earth personal attacks that give them no better or even less chance to win, our progressive friends should be painting an optimistic vision for the future of the state under their leadership…not that they’ll have it for decades to come.

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