Funny or Die Accidentally Proves Why Big Federal Government Programs Suck While Making the Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Kristen Bell Mary Poppins

A recent Funny or Die video accidentally proves what conservatives and libertarians have been saying about what the government does with paychecks.

The video, featuring Kristen Bell playing Mary Poppins, has a line which says it’s tough to live above the poverty line when the government takes out federal and state income tax, plus Social Security and Medicare. But instead of complaining about how much gets removed from paychecks, the video suggests raising the minimum wage is the only way to go.

This is ridiculous logic. Employees get 6.2% of their paychecks taken out for Social Security. This is money which never gets returned because it goes to pay for others who are already on Social Security. There’s also 1.45% taken out for Medicare. These are things Americans can’t opt out of and keep their own money.

To put it in real numbers. If someone works 40 hours a week at $7.25 the base pay should be $290. Instead, about $22 is taken out of the paycheck. That amounts to $1,144 per year which could have stayed in.

Then there’s federal income taxes. Singles making between $9,075 and $36,900 have 15% of their paycheck taken away per year. That $2,262 per year.

Then there’s state income tax. In California they’d pay $226 in taxes. In Arizona it’s $482.56. In New York it’s $303.20.

Based on California’s income tax rate, it means people only take home $11,448. People in Arizona would take home around $11,191. New York people take hom about $11,370. People in Texas, where there is no state income tax, take home about $11,700. It’s the federal programs which are draining peoples’ pockets dry.

Instead of raising the minimum wage, programs like Social Security and Medicare should be reformed or privatized and the federal income tax removed so people can keep more of their money. This plan is extremely difficult because Americans have gotten used to them. But it’s still possible. This is where educating others is important. It going to be a long fight, but certainly worth doing.

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