Obama’s War on Women: White House admits it pays female staffers less than males

Josh Earnest

The very first bill President Obama signed into law after he was sworn into office was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on January 29, 2009. Obama touted the legislation as an opportunity to extend the statue of limitations on awarding women backpay when they found out they had been paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same job.

The public bill signing was the first time President Obama mentioned women made, on average, $.78 for every dollar men make.

LearnLiberty debunked that myth back in 2011.

But five years later, President Obama’s White House is still paying women less than their male counterparts — and they finally admitted it.

POLITICO reports:

The White House defended the gender pay gap among its own staffers Wednesday but acknowledged that it still has much more work to do to get to full equity between men and women.

“I wouldn’t hold up the White House as the perfect example here,” press secretary Josh Earnest said when asked about analyses of the latest data on White House staffers’ salaries that show the average salary for women to be nearly 13 percent lower than the average salary for men.

While “we still have more work to do at the White House,” Earnest argued during his daily press briefing that conditions are much better in the West Wing than in much of the country, where — according to a statistic that President Barack Obama often cites when talking about unequal pay — women on average earn 77 cents on every dollar that men make. “If you look at the metrics, the White House performs significantly better than the private sector,” said Earnest.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon earlier this year, Obama’s White House isn’t the only place where Democrats pay women less than men. Senate Democrats — many of whom are in tough re-election battles this year — also pay female staffers less than male, sometimes dramatically so:

Democrats have a lot of work to do in their own offices, according to an analysis of salary figures compiled from secretary of the Senate reports covering the fiscal year 2013.

Senators who were not in office for the entirety of the fiscal year were not included in the analysis. Staffers that were not employed for the entire year were also excluded from calculations.

The analysis shows female staffers in Democratic Senate offices were paid just 91 cents for each dollar paid to male staffers. The average salary for a woman was more than $5,500 below the average salary for a man.

Men received higher average salaries in more than two-thirds of the 43 Senate offices analyzed.

The Washington Free Beacon revealed the pay gap between male and female staffers in some Democrat offices ranged from $3,000 to more than $23,000 annually.

Bad news for President Obama and the Democrats’ “War On Women” narrative.

Democrat hypocrisy on this issue is appalling. It’s this kind of “do as I say, not as I do” attitude from President Obama and his allies in Congress that should be exposed.

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