Mary Landrieu backs Harry Reid, officially digs her own grave in Red State Louisiana

Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu just left a major opening for conservatives in her state, when it comes to her re-election bid this fall. As observed before, if the GOP takes the Senate decisively in November, conservatives might not come out in force in Louisiana to defeat her. This relies on her being forced to face a run-off in December.

Since she’s been selling herself as a moderate, this might have been a possibility for her to remain in the Senate, in spite of any Republican gains in that chamber. However, she recently decided to say something on camera that really should cause conservatives in Louisiana to squash her hopes of an anemic turnout among their ranks.

Yes, that was Landrieu saying that she would back Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader because she can work with him. If that isn’t something to make Louisiana conservatives think twice about skipping the ballot box in the elections, then the party leadership there has much bigger problems to address.

Strategically, it may not be necessary to replace Landrieu, if the GOP lands a decisive majority in the Senate due to other races. However, it would be foolhardy to leave this race alone in that case. Any supposedly moderate Democrat that is publicly stating that she’s willing to back Reid isn’t as moderate as she’s been leading her constituents to believe. If the Louisiana GOP does not use this and any other comments Landrieu makes like this in the months leading up to the election, it is their own fault if they do not manage to replace her.

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