Barack Obama is the middle class’ biggest enemy

Some of the best intentioned among us may think regulations indeed serve a greater purpose, after all, certain companies are only in it to make as much as they can with as little effort as they can! Somebody should certainly make sure they are working under strict rules so this type of predatory behavior can be avoided and consumers can be protected.

Well, that’s everything regulations promise to do and the exact opposite of what they actually achieve.

A recent study carried out by American Action Forum demonstrated that the increase in consumer prices under the Obama administration is directly linked to the surge in the number of regulations it has adopted.

The study shows that since 2009, this administration has imposed at least 36 new regulations that range from new fuel-efficiency standards, which resulted in an increase in the price of automobiles by $91, to the cost of mortgages, which has risen to an abysmal $362 annually.

ObamaCare, this administration failure disguised as health care law, has also increased the prices of health care insurance.

The American Action Forum study also provided data indicating that the Affordable Care Act’s mandates requiring insurance companies to allow anybody with preexisting conditions to obtain coverage along with requirements that add preventive services to all premiums, have also led to an increase in the price of health care. Consumers will experience an $87 increase in their premiums annually.

President Obama’s regulatory onslaught will increase consumer prices by more than $11,000, according to American Action Forum.

While the administration assures the public that it continues to seek a realistic and well-balanced approach so regulations they find important in the fight to assure the consumer’s safety are embraced while also having economic issues in mind, the results of this administration’s regulatory legacy show intentions are not matching facts.

Whenever the government responds to special interests and writes a new regulation with the help of the leaders in the industry, it generates an artificially increased demand for that particular service. That along with the increased costs due to changes to the rules lead to a hike in prices, affecting everyone, whether they are rich or poor.

Top image credit: @MickMulvaney
Infographic credit: American Action Forum

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