White House official’s brother a day after Benghazi: Our government thinks this was a coordinated attack

David Rhodes

On September 12, 2012, the day after the deadly Benghazi attack, CBS News President David Rhodes offered some insight into Obama administration’s thinking at the time.

“Our government thinks that, you know, there’s a really good chance this was not just a spontaneous mob reaction to what some thought was an offensive film,” Rhodes said, “but actually a coordinated effort timed to the 9/11 anniversary.”

Rhodes was speaking to the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, filling in for a report who was covering the Benghazi attack. Parsing his words here, it tells us that the administration taking everything into account — the YouTube video, which had sparked protests in Egypt and other countries, and the involvement of Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamic militant organization with ties to al-Qaeda.

What makes these comments so relevant is that David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, the then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Director and author of an email directing then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to spin the attack as a reaction to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. The Rhodes email was authored on September 14, three days after the attack.

There was plenty of correspondence from State Department officials in the hours after attack that suggests that Islamic militants were involved. In fact, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) read an email at a hearing last week which unequivocally stated that Ansar al-Sharia conducted the attacks.

But the narrative the administration presented to Americans through Rice on Sunday talk shows was starkly different from the one in internal State Department emails and presented by David Rhodes in public. The official line from the administration was that Benghazi was a “spontaneous – not a premeditated – response.”

Of course, the 2012 election was heating up at the time of the Benghazi and President Obama’s foreign policy was heavily criticized by Mitt Romney, a point that even David Rhodes alluded to in the video above.

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