White House spin can’t change reality of Obamacare spending

The Obama administration’s PR machine continues to use any kind of number to state that the Affordable Care Act is a success.

The president’s latest effort to lead the public to believe the healthcare law was a success consisted of his insistent remarks regarding the number of Americans who picked plans through the Exchange website. He called them “enrollees,” but the actual number of sign-ups that paid for their plans was never reported.

The latest statement coming from the Obama administration that touts ObamaCare as a success is associated with the latest Congressional Budget Office report. According to Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, the new report “demonstrates the Affordable Care Act is working”:


The ACA is still going to cost taxpayers, a lotAccording to Billy House of the National Journal, “the nation is doomed to return to trillion-dollar shortfalls by 2024 if lawmakers don’t alter existing tax and spending policies…the rising debt [will] have serious consequences.” How has President Obama addressed the nation’s bleak financial future? By creating an unsustainable healthcare program and no original framework to help alleviate the nation’s financial woes as evidenced by the 442 tax hikes Obama has proposed since taking office.

The administration had previously estimated the program’s net-cost to be $1.38 trillion during the period of 2014 and 2015, but what the latest CBO report shows is that the total net-cost is of $36 billion, which is about $5 billion less than the first estimates.

After the president’s statement regarding the number of sign-ups was proven flimsy, to say the least, the administration has regarded the lower projected net cost of the program an example of the law’s triumph.

But how is it possible that a different estimate of the cost proves that the healthcare law has been successful?

Is it possible that the Obama administration is celebrating the fact that ObamaCare will still cost taxpayers trillions of dollars in spite of the different estimation?

If there’s any indicator that the Affordable Care Act is not a success is its unsustainability, which has already been evidenced by the country’s rising debt and this administration’s failure to address the problems its own healthcare law has created.

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