Jeanne Shaheen dismisses constituent’s health plan cost concerns

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) dismissed a constituent’s complaints about the cost of his new health insurance plan, according to audio obtained by America Rising, a conservative opposition research group.

The unidentified constituent called in on Friday during a segment on Keene-based WKBK’s Good Morning with Dan Mitchell. The caller told Shaheen that “President Obama’s health care is not affordable.”

“It’s cost me more, my deductible has more than tripled and my monthly premium has doubled, so it’s not affordable,” he said. “And so, I’d rather have my old healthcare, my old system back.”

Shaheen dismissed his concerns out of hand, telling him to leave his name with the host so her office could call him back “because that doesn’t sound right to me.” She chalked the caller’s complaints up to “misinformation.”

“It sounds, and there’s a lot of misinformation about what’s happening with the health care law,” Shaheen told the caller, “so we’ll get back in touch with you, we’ll find out what’s going on with your plan, and we’ll help you sort that out because you shouldn’t be paying that much more.”

Mitchell prodded Shaheen on the caller’s concerns, noting that he’s heard this from other people, too. The New Hampshire Democrat, who is potentially vulnerable this fall, cited an example of a constituent who was able to get his premiums reduced after an appeal.

While there are some instances in which people are able to get their premiums lowered through an appeal, many who purchased coverage through aren’t so lucky. Not everyone can get subsidies, which has caused their premium costs to skyrocket.

The concerning point is that Shaheen immediately chalked up the caller’s concerns to “misinformation.” Because she’s apparently seen his health insurance bill and knows his family’s circumstances.

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