63% of Millennials believe Obama often lies to the country

A Fox News poll released this week found that 61 percent of Americans believe President Barack Obama lies to the country about important matters, while just 15 percent believe that he always tells the truth.

As one might imagine, Republicans and Democrats have differing views on the question. For example, 85 percent of Republicans believe President Obama lies most or some of the time on important matters, while 59 percent of Democrats believe he lies only now and then or never. Independents, however, are more likely to side with Republicans.

The more interesting figure is the percentage of Millennials who believe President Obama has a lying problem. The poll found that 63 percent of registered voters under the age of 35 believe he lies to them most or some of the time.

After an endless stream of scandals that have come out of his administration — including the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs — it’s not too hard to understand why Americans, especially young people, would believe President Barack Obama is a less than trustworthy character. After all, he did tell the “Lie of the Year,” though that’s just the start of his lack of truthiness.

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