Georgia mayor blasts Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group

David Lockhart and Truett Cathy

Pictured: Mayor David Lockhart and Chick-fil-a founder Truett Cathy

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is working to recruit new members after suffering nearly two-dozen losses in municipal elections across the country last year.

Among those who have received a membership solicitation is David Lockhart, mayor of Forest Park, a small Georgia city just south of Atlanta.

In the email solicitation, Cyrus Garrett, coalition coordinator for the anti-gun group, stated that its “members are united in their belief that support for the Second Amendment goes hand-in hand with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and other dangerous people.”

Mayors Against Illegal Guns promised Lockhart “a national voice on this issue and others,” adding that it will also give him “an opportunity to meet and learn from other mayors and policymakers.”

Lockhart, who was elected last year, was unimpressed. The Forest Park mayor didn’t just decline the invitation, he ripped the anti-gun group and its founder.

“I do not support your efforts. I oppose efforts to require private sellers with minimal sales (non-dealers) to perform background checks,” Lockhart wrote to Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “I am proud that gun shows are regularly conducted in Forest Park.”

Forest Park is home to the Atlanta Farmers Market, which frequently hosts gun shows that attract hundreds of enthusiastic Second Amendment supporters.

“If you really want to reduce illegal gun sales, perhaps your energy would be better focused in petitioning the BATF to end its illegal gunwalking,” he continued. “Because of Operation Fast and Furious, Brian Terry was murdered with a weapon sold by our own government.”

Lockhart expressed doubt at the group is really interested in protecting the rights of law-abiding Americans to possess a firearm, pointing out that “none of your ‘Coalition Principles’ further any such protections.”

“One of the principles is to ‘keep lethal, military style weapons off our streets,’” Lockhart said in the email. “First, I am awestruck that you would focus on ‘lethal guns.’ It seems that guns’ lethality is the point of their design. That you believe a gun’s ‘military style’ makes it more lethal is asinine, and however you would define such style does not make guns so designed illegal.”

The Assualt Weapons Ban proposed last year by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) would have outlawed sales of specific semi-automatic “assault rifles” because of their “military style” design. Despite the focus on these scary looking firearms (from the gun control crowd’s view), they’re not used in most mass shootings and background checks are largely ineffective.

What’s more, the Assault Weapons Ban wouldn’t have an impact on gun violence, according to a January 2013 memo from the National Institute for Justice — the research arm of the Department of Justice.

“Your stated goals — protecting legal ownership and eliminating criminals from illegally possessing guns — are belied by your specific objectives. What you propose would convert what is currently legal possession into criminal behavior,” Lockhart explained, “You may have fooled other mayors, and you may have other fools who agree with your actual objectives, but you haven’t fooled me.”

Lockhart finished off his response with a dig at Bloomberg, the anti-gun group’s founder, and his proclivity for nanny statism.

“That your organization was founded by Michael Bloomberg, who criminalized the sale of sodas of a certain size, is telling,” he noted, adding “[i]t is impossible to believe such a man is really concerned with the protections afforded by our Constitution.”

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