Harry Reid loves billionaires as long as they support Democrats

 Steyer Infection

American Commitment is calling out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for his hypocritical attacks on libertarian-leaning billionaires who have engaged in the political process. The conservative action organization has produced a new ad that ties Reid to Tom Steyer, a big-dollar Democratic donor aiming to bring down the Keystone XL oil pipeline:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is accused in a new ad of hypocrisy when it comes to decrying the influence of billionaire donors in politics.
“The hypocrisy of Harry Reid disparaging successful Americans on the floor of the U.S. Senate, while he helps Democratic senators collect campaign contributions from shadowy, dirty energy billionaires is astonishing,” Phil Kerpen, the president of American Commitment, said in a statement. “If Harry Reid believes anything he says, he should stand up to the Steyer brothers and help the American people by supporting the Keystone Pipeline and opposing new energy taxes that only benefit special interests.”

A spokesman for the group told The Daily Caller that the $50,000 ad campaign will run online starting Tuesday in battleground Senate states like Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas and Michigan. These states are places where the Democratic Senate Majority super PAC is attacking the billionaire Kochs for pouring money into groups that are running ads against liberals.

The 60-second “Steyer Infection” ad says points out that “billionaires like Tom Steyer … just hosted Reid and other Senate Democrats at his San Francisco mansion.”

Here’s the American Commitment ad:

Here’s the deal. No one should have a problem with anyone using dollars to finance issue ads. After all, it’s political speech that’s protected under the First Amendment. But Reid only seems to have a problem with this when Republicans do it. He whines like a child whose favorite toy is about to be taken away, in this case, literally, since control of the Senate is very much in the air.

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