Skeptical Millennials Are Not Embracing Either Party, Says Study

Young voters have never been so mistrustful of government.

A study sponsored by the moderate Democratic think tank Third Way that was carried out by political scientist Michelle Diggles, looked into our generation to develop a sociological profile of Millennials.

The goal was to develop this profile and project how current attitudinal trends might shape politics in the years ahead of us. According to the results, both the Democratic and Republican parties could be suffering soon because of the pragmatism of Millennials.

While then senator Barack Obama was awarded by Millennials in 2008, the study shows that his popularity with young voters withered in 2012, mostly because they are disillusioned after learning Obama failed to meet the promises that got him elected in the first place. This could be an indicator that this generation, more than any other generation in history, is skeptical of politics and power players in general.

While this shift may seem positive for the GOP at first glance, researchers warn that recent political disappointments could also translate into resentment toward the Republican Party. Millenials are often socially tolerant, which could put the GOP in disadvantage if it fails to pick up the beat and back candidates that take a strong stand when it comes to personal liberties.

According to the study:

“both parties should caution against stereotyping Millennials as liberals or libertarians on social issues by extrapolating their support for a broad gay equality agenda or marijuana legalization. Republicans may be able to revitalize their connection to Millennials voters by softening their language around immigration, gay and lesbian people, and single mothers, without compromising their positions on core issues to the party, such as abortion. If the GOP can meld some more libertarian views with religious ones and advocate for smaller, more effective government rather than no government, they may have a chance to close the margin with Millennials. Short of these steps, though, it is hard to see how Republicans will gain significant ground with this modern generation in the near term.”

The Millennial Generation has the power to shake up things and end up putting the United States on a path that might, over time, lead us toward a freer, more prosperous future. We must show them we’re up to the task and ready to fight for the same causes they hold so dear.

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