Rand Paul Asks Berkeley Audience to Take a Stand for Liberty

Rand Paul speaks at UC-Berkeley

Most conservative online news outlets or blogs covering Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) address to Berkeley Forum participants at the University of California-Berkeley have mostly focused on the praise the senator received from liberals as he addressed the NSA and CIA spying controversies, but what most publications have failed to cover was the praise Paul got for pointing out that the GOP is like bad Domino’s pizza crust.

That’s right. He went there: “I think the Republican Party finally admitted, okay? Bad crust - we need a different kind of party!”

The comment followed a quote from an op-ed penned by Paul himself that claimed the GOP must evolve, or die. His comments on the importance of evolving and becoming relevant again are a reminder to conservatives and libertarians that attacking the current administration for its power grab, its dedication to carry on ignoring the Constitution and for mistaking equal protection for equal disdain — as Paul put it during his address — alone will not change a thing.

During his address, Paul reminded attendees that he was not there to tell them what party they should attach themselves to, “I’m here to tell you that your privacy is under assault.“ He also declared that when it comes to pointing the finger at an obvious culprit in the NSA scandal, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is the perfect candidate. According to the Kentucky senator, Clapper should be prosecuted for perjury as a result of his remarks regarding the NSA’s data collection program.

Paul urged the overwhelmingly receptive audience to keep in mind that the debate over Edward Snowden’s actions should not make us lose track of the real issue: “How does the Fourth Amendment apply in the digital age?”

Paul denounced the government’s unwillingness to address criticisms and the intelligence community’s dedication to power expansion. He assured the audience that he still believes in privacy and that he will continue to oppose this abuse of power in any way that he can. As Paul pointed out, this government has gone out of control and drunk with power, which should be enough of a reason to encourage us to fight to reverse this trend.

It appears that the people, not the media or the powerful players in Washington, are truly concerned about the consequences of letting this or any other administration play the game by its own rules.

The Constitution is clear: it assures the people that the individual should be protected first and foremost from the government and anyone who threatens his or her life, property and privacy. It is up to us now to make sure it’s upheld.

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