Rand Paul Says We’re Still Unprotected From the NSA in New Op-Ed

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote an op-ed for Foreign Policy, published Tuesday, where he essentially explains readers why and how President Obama got the NSA spying problem wrong when speaking about his reform proposals.

According to Paul, President Obama failed to address the real heart of the matter: the government’s absolute disregard for the Fourth Amendment. While praising the President’s recognition of the problem and his efforts to speak to Americans and hold a sincere discussion on the NSA, he also pointed out that nothing that Obama said during his speech would effectively impede “the government from prying into the private lives of citizens as a general practice.”

The Fourth Amendment, Sen. Paul says, was thought out to keep the government from issuing general warrants, making all Americans subject to deliberate searches. The Founders wanted to make sure that what the British did to Americans would never happen again.

“The lesson of the American Revolution was that this should never happen again, and yet the NSA’s data collection program is the modern equivalent of this practice. President Obama cited Paul Revere in his speech, but Paul Revere rode through the streets to tell us the British were coming — not that the Americans are coming.”

According to Sen. Paul, Obama misdiagnosed the problem, and by doing that, he arrived at the wrong solutions. Americans continue to ask the President whether one single warrant can be issued to the entire nation. According to Paul, Obama’s answer continues to be: yes.

In his op-ed, Paul said “the president sees a different kind of America than what our Founding Fathers envisioned. I still think they got it right, and in my capacity as a United States senator will work diligently to restore and defend the Constitution that both the president and I swore to uphold.”

Everything we do can be picked up by the NSA’s dragnet without our consent or awareness and that’s why we must have a serious conversation about putting an end to the surveillance state. As a response to the government’s abuse and disregard to the Fourth Amendment, Sen. Paul filed a lawsuit against the NSA and is still collecting signatures.

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