72% of Americans See Big Government as the Greatest Threat

big government

Since Barack Obama took office in 2009, more Americans say that big government is a much greater threat to the country than big business. The latest Gallup shows that the number of Americans who believe that big government is the biggest threat to the United States has been increasing in a rather steady fashion.

According to Gallup, 72% percent of Americans now believe that big government is the number one threat to the country. The poll also demonstrated that only 21% of Americans now believe that big business is the major issue. The historical high choosing big business over big government or big labor, 38%, was registered in 2002.

Gallup’s analysis shows that government policies specific to the period are seen as major factors behind people’s decisions. Since Barack Obama took office, his “new economic patriotism” turned on the “trickle-down ideology,” as Timothy P. Carney put it, by boosting the good old system of bumping money into big businesses “in the hope this money will trickle down.” Aside from the obvious failures of Obama’s “trickle-down” method, Edward Snowden’s revelations concerning the NSA surveillance program and the various scandals regarding the poor implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchange website, may also have served as factors linked to the recent increase in the number of Americans distrustful of their government.

While Republicans are usually the ones mostly concerned about the effects of big government policies, what has truly caught everybody’s eye in the latest poll is the increasing number of democrats and independents who have picked big government as the biggest threat yet.

According to Gallup, 92% of Republicans say big government is the problem, followed by 71% of independents and 56% of Democrats.

That’s right. 56% of Democrats think big government is the greatest threat to Americans.

The steady increase of the number of Americans voicing their opinions regarding the negative effects of big government policies indicates that, soon, we might be witnessing a shift in the way we pick our candidates.

Americans are now aware of the big failure of big government and are fully mindful of how harmful the consequences of heavy-handed intervention can be.

Americans respond to the different political environments of the times but have consistently viewed big government as a major threat ever since Gallup started asking the question, back in 1965. This trend could continue to present itself as a sign that Americans are now watching more closely, and might not tolerate another administration addicted to heavy-handed interventionism in all aspects of our lives.

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