Occupy Wall Street meets capitalism — Thanks, Walmart!

OWS goons

Were you part of the Occupy Wall Street movement or do you know someone who was and want to get a last-minute Christmas gift for the Occupier on your list? Well, thanks to capitalism, you can bring home some of the memories.

That’s right, Walmart.com, the big box retailer frequently the subject of mindless leftist rants, is selling a panoramic 27x9 poster print of Occupy Wall Street protesters encamped at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan for the low price of $42.75.

Walmart.com -- Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park

The poster only has one review as of the time this story was written. “Rated excellent for the incredible irony,” said the reviewer on Walmart.com. Indeed, the irony is so thick you can spread it on toast.

While the Occupy movement was viewed as the left’s version of the Tea Party, it has quickly faded into obscurity. Occupy was an odd movement that took to camping out in public parks or squatted on private property for days or even weeks. In each camp, organizers held a “general assembly” so that protesters could make rules and let their grievances be known.

There were calls for violent revolution against the federal government in these camps and frequent stories of unhealthy conditions. At Occupy DC, protesters could learn about collective housing — because private property is bad, apparently — and the finer points of dumpster diving.

It’s worth noting that both Occupy and the Tea Party movements had something in common in that they both vigorously opposed corporatism — collusion between big business and government — which has made bailouts and special favors possible.

This is a sentiment that libertarians and free market conservatives have expressed for years only to take a back seat to the idea that what’s “good for business” is good policy. But as we’ve come to learn, so-called “pro-business” policies aren’t always a good deal for taxpayers.

The difference between free marketers and most Occupiers is, of course, that the former doesn’t want more government interference in the economy. The solutions presented by at least some Occupiers, however, would have given government unprecedented power, because nothing would end corporatism and cronyism more than giving government more control.

Seems legit. Or something.

H/T: Matthew Hurtt

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