Media Matters declares victory over Fox News despite ratings dominance


Media Matters for America, the leftist “watchdog” organization funded in part by George Soros, declared victory on Friday in its long battle against Fox News and is moving on to other fronts, including social media and blogs:

[I]n the coming years, Fox will no longer be the center of Media Matters’ universe. That’s because the group believes it has effectively discredited the network’s desire to be seen as “fair and balanced.”

“The war on Fox is over,” said Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone. “And it’s not just that it’s over, but it was very successful. To a large extent, we won.”

According to its strategic plan for the next three years, a copy of which was provided to The Huffington Post, Media Matters envisions shifting its focus to new, increasingly influential targets, including Spanish-language media, social media streams, alternative online outlets and morning and entertainment sources. It will enhance its state media and issue-based monitoring, as well as continue its focus on right-wing radio and legacy outlets.

Fox News has long-been a target of the left. Media Matters and others claim that it has a conservative bias. President Barack Obama has called Fox News “destructive” and some of his subordinates have labeled the news channel as a “wing of the Republican Party.”

Though it’s true that Fox News does have conservative-leaning opinion shows, a Pew Research Center report released in March found that cable news channel dedicated 45% of its air time to factual reporting, while 55% was spent on commentary and opinion.

To put that into perspective, CNN used 54% of air time for factual reporting and 46% on commentary/opinion. MSNBC, however, dedicated 85% of its air time to commentary/opinion and just 15% to actual reporting.

The study didn’t determine how much time MSNBC hosts spend on air on asking prominent leftist politicians for autographs or how much money they’re getting from labor unions for paid speeches.

It’s no wonder that the White House isn’t living in any sort of reality, MSNBC — it’s primary source for “news” — doesn’t actually cover the news. It says things that the White House and Democrats want to hear, even when they’re not tied to sort of reality.

Despite Media Matters’ claim of victory, Fox News dominated November ratings, averaging 1.2 million total viewers per day and 2 million in primetime. That’s more than the combined 736,000 daily viewers for CNN and MSNBC or the 1.12 million both networks brought in during primetime.

The numbers for all networks were down compared to November 2012, a presidential election year, but CNN and MSNBC saw 48% and 45% drops in total viewers compared to the 18% decline for Fox News.

Media Matters may consider its war against Fox News as a success inside the leftist bubble. But outside of that echo chamber, if you’re looking at actual barometers to determine success, which is, ultimately, ratings, they haven’t been successful by any measurable standard.

In fact, given Fox News’ ratings, Media Matters has been resoundingly defeated in a war that barely registered outside of the leftist bubble.

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