Talking Obamacare over Turkey

Thanksgiving and Obamacare

It’s tough being a smarty-pants, know-it-all, dismissive-of-logic-in-favor-of-groupthink, 25-35 year old true believer in Hope and Change this holiday season. Because that conservative and close-minded family of yours is about to hammer you at the Thanksgiving table over Obamacare, and it’s going to be hard to hear — and we know how difficult hard things are for you to hear.

But chin up little camper! The machine you believe in has some talking points to toss around in response — with your trademark false intellectual snobbery and Kruschev-like, self-righteous table pounding — when grandpa starts in on what a wreck that new healthcare system has turned out to be. And, lucky for you, there’s no thinking required at all. Just memorization and regurgitation. A common core of policy response, if you will. The Huffington Post makes it easier for you by including all those .gifs you like, and using some of your vernacular.

Emily: GOP Governors are largely responsible for the struggling health care rollout in the first place. And Democrats are wimps, so that’s not a surprise to anybody.

That’s right. It’s the Republicans fault…and the Democrats? Not sure who Emily (read: you, little camper) is supposed to be representing at this point, but I’m sure you’ll get talking points on that around Christmas. Never mind that talk of “subsidies for all!” and “Obamacare pays for itself, you hateful racist!” isn’t supported by any fact. As Allahpundit notes:

They might be eligible for a subsidy, but then again they might not. And their subsidy might be illegal depending upon where they buy the plan: If they get it from or directly from an insurer, the rug could be pulled out from under them next year. Buying one of the cheaper “bronze” plans on the exchanges will help cut their cost, but they need to be careful and read the fine print. The bronze plans are the ones with the highest deductibles and the smallest provider networks. They might be better off with silver or even gold, if they can afford it. At around this point, someone at the table’s going to pipe up and say, “But why are they so expensive?” That’s when the real fun begins.

Actually, I think that last bit explains why OFA is doing this, as creepy as it seems. They know ObamaCare’s going to come up at a lot of dinner tables this year and they know that most of what’s said won’t be happy. The talking-points memo isn’t meant to be followed to the letter — I hope — it’s just a way of nudging liberals to encourage people to reserve judgment when the subject does come up.

At some point, if you do your job well, people will sign up in spite of themselves and Obamacare will be self-sufficient, right? Wait, it doesn’t matter if that’s right. That’s what you should say.

Remember: we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, Winston.

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