“Liberals Have No Idea How Capitalism Works” Says Rand Paul

Listening to lawmakers talk about the economy when they do not understand the mechanisms behind capitalism can be quite frustrating. Too often, they are unaware of how the system works and why it gives rise to affordable services and products, making trade and the distribution of several products, from basic to valuable items, accessible to nearly almost every American.

But every now and then, a legislator comes along to prove that they weren’t only elected to brag about passing complicated laws on national television.

Sean Hannity had Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) as a guest on his show to ask him a few questions regarding ObamaCare, the problematic Health Insurance Marketplace website and why Americans are appalled to have learned that their insurance premiums are actually much higher now than they were before the law kicked in.

According to Sen. Paul “if you mandate what is included in your insurance policy, if you say it has to cover all kinds of new things that haven’t been covered, it has to be more expensive,” which is why so many young and healthy people are quickly discovering that their coverage is much more expensive than before. While the Obama administration is attempting to give access to health coverage to every single American through ObamaCare, the final cost was apparently never taken into consideration.

The administration keeps repeating that people will now get better coverage without having to pay as much, but consumers are slowly learning that that is simply untrue, since all they have access to is insurance premiums offering excessive coverage that do not fit their budget.

The main problem, Sen. Paul says, is that people who misunderstand capitalism are the ones who formulated the law.

“Liberals have no idea how capitalism works. They have no idea why when you go to Wal-Mart products are cheap, how they get to one point from another and how they are distributed in such a cheap fashion. Imagine this, imagine if we took Obamacare and put it in Wal-Mart and you had a $10 co-pay and then you could fill a cart up with what you wanted. That’s what would happen. I mean, it’s a disaster, but they don’t understand the intricacies, the profit motive and the efficiencies that go into distribution and trade and how you can get something, you know, a t-shirt now for $9 because of global trade, efficiencies in the marketplace. The government can never duplicate that because the government is inherently inefficient.”

Sen. Rand Paul has recently announced a constitutional amendment that would make sure that all bills that are signed into law apply equally to Americans and members of Congress. And here’s the important question we should ask ourselves: if ObamaCare also applied to members of the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch, would lawmakers have made it the law of the land?

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