Rising energy prices in Germany offers U.S. a preview of what’s to come

President Barack Obama’s ideal clean coal plant is an expensive boondoggle that is causing consumers rates to skyrocket, long before its expected to come online. But this is only highlights one part of this administration’s agenda.

The push away from coal and nuclear energy and the focus on renewable energy in Germany has caused energy rates to rise, causing politicians to worry about the country’s international competitiveness:

The leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) said on Friday a new government must move quickly to rein in rising energy costs in order to safeguard the competitiveness of German industry.

Speaking a day after the SPD leadership agreed to enter formal coalition negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, Gabriel called Germany’s renewable energy law (EEG) an impediment to a successful exit from nuclear power.

“The EEG was a wonderful law when we wanted to support new technologies to make them competitive. Today, in its current form, it is the biggest obstacle for the energy shift,” Gabriel said in a speech at a union event in Hanover.

“We need to ensure that renewable energy is affordable. And we need to put an end to the idea that we can pull out of nuclear and coal simultaneously. This won’t work.”

The exact policies may not necessarily be the same as those being pursued in the United States by the Obama Administration, but the basic point and end goals are almost identical.

Also, keep in mind that Germany’s SPD, the politicians expressing concern the excerpt above, is the predominant socialist party in the country. They advocate for renewables and green energy policies; yet, they realize that the shift away from coal and nuclear energy is having a negative effect on the country’s economy.

Of course, President Obama has openly said that his environmental policies would “bankrupt” a company that wanted to build a coal plant and that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” He seems, well, less than worried about the impact of troubling impact of these proposals on Americans, which will do very little to curb carbon emissions.

These politics are costly and ineffective, as empirical evidence from other countries tells us, but President Obama is going to pursue them anyway while Americans’ power bills keep rising.

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