Republicans agreed to no debt ceiling


Remember those commercials featuring a classroom full of Chinese students, listening to a lecture about the fall of the United States of America? As of this latest agreement on a “not-really-a-debt-ceiling,” we are headed in that direction. Don’t be alarmed, of course. It will all work out in the end. We really do need all the things that the government is doing with all that money that we’re borrowing from anyone around the world that is foolish enough to keep investing in us.

The concept of Obama spending more in one day that George W. Bush did in an entire year was brought to my attention today on Facebook by Dr. James S. Robbins. The context was that he was bemoaning the fact that he could no longer make the comparison between a month of Obama spending, and a full year of Bush deficit spending. Obama had reached the one day mark.

True, that’s the fault of some interesting accounting procedures that the government uses to deal with what used to be debt ceilings. This particular radical increase was the result of repaying various governmental accounts that have been tapped since May, in an attempt to not hit the debt ceiling. The increase put the national debt over $17 trillion for the first time in United States history ($17,075,590,107,963.57, to be exact).

Well, Obama doesn’t have worry about how much he and Democrats spend now, because they no longer have a spending limit - just a due date. For those that weren’t paying attention, that’s probably why the president said that the whole shutdown and debt ceiling thing wasn’t going to happen again. So, be sure to thank the Republicans that were stupid enough to make this deal. Yes, we needed to make a deal, but not THIS deal.

But perhaps the real problem is there are no real conservatives in Washington anymore, or the few that are left have been branded as insane. You know it’s bad when you even have a Canadian conservative (apparently they do have those) pointing out the path that we’re on, and how we’re catering to our own demise.

Suffice to say, the point is being made in financial circles that maintaining this level of debt is not sustainable. Something has to give, and it will. It’s not a question whether or not it will happen. The only question is when. With Obama and merry band of liberals running around with a limitless credit card from the American taxpayers? Bet on it being sooner, rather than later. Sorry for being alarmist there. That’s normally a liberal tactic.

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