Shutdown illustrates how government views the nation

If you’re a federal employee impacted by the shutdown, then I’m sure you know how much things like this suck.  After all, you were hired to do a job, and right now, you can’t.  I understand that completely.  However, as bad as the shutdown is for you, the shutdown has done one important thing.  It’s shown us just how much power Uncle Sam believes it has.

In an effort to make the shutdown hurt as much as possible, we’ve seen barricades at the World War II Memorial, an open air memorial that maintains no staff.  The same is true of the Lincoln Memorial and other statues and memorials throughout the nation.  Mt. Rushmore is not only closed, but also closed viewing areas so that you can’t even look at the memorial.

They’ve spent money they don’t have to close down things that wouldn’t have cost them a dime to keep open.  This apparently includes parts of the Atlantic Ocean (for the record though, you can boat through it.  You just can’t fish or drop anchor).

“So what,” you might ask.  It is federal territory, after all, and they are shut down.  It may be ridiculous, but why is this an example of how government looks down on us all.  Well, probably because the federal government is also trying to shut down state parks that receive just a bit of federal funding.

That is no different than closing the parking long to Mt. Vernon simply because that is federally owned, despite the impact on Mt. Vernon itself.  It’s no different than making people move out of their homes because they happen to live on Lake Mead.

Yes, the government works for us.  The problem is, they don’t recognize that.  They see this land, land that was paid for with public funds, as their land.  They don’t see it as anything else, and therefore they see no problem in treating us like the peasants they view us as.

Government may be a necessary evil, but it also needs to remain in check.  Every time someone utters the phrase, “There ought to be a law,” the give power to the idea that government can make the world better.

For what it’s worth, government already believes that idea for obvious reason.  However, as we’ve seen with the Administration’s antics over the last week or so, they can also find new ways to make it hurt.

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