The real casualty of the shutdown? Rationality

Government Shutdown -- Mt. Rushmore

Make no mistake folks, this so-called “shutdown” is impacting real people.  I get that.  Several friends of mine are sitting at home rather than working.  However, even they have to admit that the impact on their life is somewhat temporary, even if the government didn’t pay them for the time they are sitting at home.

Unfortunately, this shutdown has set a new low for rationality from alleged adults.

Much ado has made about the Republican Party’s refusal thus far to pass a “clean” continuing resolution.  Some have even talked about how the Senate already has, and all the House has to do is vote on it.  Of course, since funding measures must start in the House, a Senate originated CR would be illegal.

While there are valid complaints regarding the Republicans, they’re not alone.

For example, let’s take a look at this friendly picture.


This is taken from, NASA’s official website.  I was clued into this being there this past weekend when someone on Facebook mentioned that they tried to access the site to help their child with a school report.  Not being one to take someone’s word for this, I looked myself and captured this. redirects this notice.  This same notice shows up at, a popular source for information about the United States government.  Even the Amber Alert website is down!

However, the EPA’s website, doesn’t have any such notice.  Neither does, run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. is also clear.

Now, if you’ve never worked on a website, you may not know this, but a notice like this above isn’t something that just automatically happens.  Someone went into the code and programmed the site to redirect to this notice.

What we have above is the digital version of barricades at the open air and unstaffed World War II Memorial.  Money was spent specifically to keep people from accessing the website rather than take the cheaper option of just leaving the site alone during the shutdown.

We have barricades outside of the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial.  We have NASA’s website being blocked off from access.  We also have the Federal Government placing cones on the highway that block the viewing areas of Mt. Rushmore.

Mt. Rushmore apparently isn’t alone on that front either.

This is nothing more than an attempt to make this whole thing hurt as much as possible.  It’s like cutting out White House tours during the sequester, while sending billions overseas as foreign aid.

However, the lack of rationality doesn’t end at the beltway by any stretch of the imagination.  Millions of Americans are arguing that compromise shouldn’t be reached, that one side or the other needs to just roll over.   One argument I came across Saturday was particularly odd.

I like the analogy that someone gave of calling the ACA the President’s baby and saying you don’t ask a parent to give up or chop up its baby.

Really?  That’s the analogy?

Folks, legislation isn’t a child.  It’s not a living, breathing thing.  It’s a law that impacts millions upon millions of Americans.  President Obama is treating it like a baby, but it’s not.

Another fun comment that’s popped up on social media is how Obamacare was passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court so the case should be settled.  Of course, that doesn’t stop many of those same people from coming after guns, for free speech as it relates to so-called “hate speech.”  Laws are never sacrosanct unless their codified in the Constitution.  It’s at that point that they are considered untouchable for the most part.  Only one amendment to the Constitution has ever been repealed, and therefore it’s as close to sacrosanct as we’re going to find in our system.

People have lost their ever-loving minds in the last few days, and I don’t know that any continuing resolution will fix that.

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