Rand Paul targets John Roberts’ health insurance subsidies

Rand Paul on

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is introducing a measure that would require that all federal workers to take part in ObamaCare, though he is framing the issue as a matter of Chief Justice John Roberts and others who support the law leading by example.

“I think Congress should never exempt themselves from a law. But then again, John Roberts, you know, he loves so much, he should get it. Right now, he’s getting a federal employee subsidy; he’s not part of ObamaCare,” Paul told Fox and Friends on Monday morning.

“So he makes the rest of America — through, I think, convoluted constitutional logic — he makes us get ObamaCare, but he’s exempt,” he noted. “So I have an amendment that I will introduce that says all the federal government gets ObamaCare, including federal employees…including John Roberts.”

“I’m not excited about doing that to staff or to federal employees,” Paul said in response to concerns over added costs to congressional staffers, many of whom don’t make a lot of money. “But if the President thins ObamaCare is a good idea, if John Roberts thinks that he can twist the Constitution and make ObamaCare constitutional, he ought to get it.”

This is the latest development in an ongoing fight in Congress. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has proposed a measure that would end the ObamaCare fix for members of Congress and their staffers, which would allow them to continue receiving a subsidy of 75% of their health insurance premium payments.

Paul, who won a straw poll of prospective GOP presidential candidates over the weekend, told The Daily Caller that his measure — which is a constitutional amendment — would “save billions of dollars.”

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