CNN poll: ObamaCare support drops, despite big marketing push

Support for ObamaCare has dropped below 40%, according to a poll conducted by CNN, even as the Obama Administration ramps up its efforts to promote the law before the state insurance exchanges launch at the beginning of October.

The poll, released on Wednesday, shows that only 39% of Americans favor all or most of ObamaCare, while 57% have an unfavorable view of the law. Those numbers have changed in a big way since the beginning of the year, when CNN found that 51% of Americans favored ObamaCare.

Here’s a look at the shift over time, as noted by CNN:

CNN's ObamaCare polling

The most recent CNN poll also found a shift on President Obama’s healthcare policy approval rating, with 54% now disapproving of his performance on the issue, up from 49% at the beginning of the year. Only 44% approval of his approach to healthcare, down from 50% in January.

Here’s a look at selected CNN polls on President Obama’s healthcare approval rating. As you can see, he hasn’t done well on the issue, despite his uptick in January 2013, which appears to be an outlier:

 Obama's healthcare approval rating

While the poll does show that President Obama is struggling to win the narrative on his signature domestic policy achievement, there is some bad news for congressional Republicans. CNN found that 51% of Americans would hold the GOP responsible if the federal government was to shutdown. Only 33% would blame President Obama.

CNN didn’t present offer any indication that disagreements between Republicans and the White House ObamaCare, a law that 57% of Americans view unfavorably, would be the reason for a government shutdown.

That may somewhat bolster House Republican leadership’s argument that a government shutdown over ObamaCare would be politically damaging to the GOP, as they try push a measure that would continue to fund the unpopular law.

Forty-one percent (41%) of Americans say the economy is the top issue facing the United States. Just 16% view healthcare as the biggest issue, followed by Syria (15%) and the federal budget deficit (13%).

Just 43% approve of President Obama’s handling of the economy, with 56% disapproving of his performance on the issue. An eye-popping 61% disapprove of his handling of the federal budget deficit. Those two numbers have stayed relatively the same over the last few CNN polls.

Just a takeaway from this. Yes, Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance on various issues as his agenda has continued to fail them. Yes, they oppose ObamaCare, even as the administration tries to shove it down their throats.

But opposition to President Obama’s agenda isn’t enough to sway voters. They already know that the policies of this White House and administration have failed them. Republicans have won that battle, as reflected in the polls. But they want actual solutions to these problems.

While several pieces of legislation have been introduced to replace ObamaCare, House Republicans have yet to coalesce around one particular proposal on which they run in next year’s mid-term elections. That’s a big problem, and it doesn’t appear as though it’ll be going away any time soon.

There continues to be good news for Republicans in the polls. But what are they going to do about? That’s the real question as we get close to what is shaping up to be a very big election year.

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