Whip Count: Obama’s Syria war resolution headed for defeat

Editor’s note: Due to mounting opposition to military intervention, we’ve added the Senate numbers at the bottom of the page.

As it stands today, President Barack Obama’s push for military strikes against the Syrian government would lose — and it would lose in a very big way.

Looking at the various media outlets and blogs tracking the vote, most show a majority of the House of Representatives rejecting authorization of force against the Middle Eastern country. You can click on the links to see party breakdowns and more information.

Tracker Yes/Lean Yes Undecided Lean No/No
ABC News 44 127 262
CNN 25 229 179
FireDogLake 59 124 250
The Hill 31 128 195
Real Clear Defense 36 146 251
ThinkProgress 42 153 238
Washington Post 25 147 261

Last update: 9/12/13 — 8:50am

Given vacancies in the chamber, it’ll take 217 for a majority.

While some members reserve the right to change their minds before the vote on the resolution, which is expected to happen next week, they note that the Obama Administration has either not presented a compelling case for action and/or presented a long-term strategy for what comes after the strikes. Others simply believe that the United States doesn’t need to get involved in another war after more than a decade of prolonged conflicts in the Middle East.

Here’s how the vote is shaping up in the Senate, where it will the resolution will need 60 votes to avoid a filibuster:

Tracker Yes/Lean Yes Undecided Lean No/No
ABC News 24 39 37
CNN 25 43 32
FireDogLake 27 32 41
The Hill 25 46 29
Real Clear Defense 34 27 39
Washington Post 23 34 43

Last update: 9/12/13 — 8:50am

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