Obama’s Speech a Deceptive, Pale Imitation of Dr. King’s Dream

For more than half a decade, the adoring media and doe-eyed supporters have coronated Barack Obama as “sort of a god”, who was “probably the smartest guy ever to become President.” Simply by virtue of being nominated by the Democrat Party in 2008, we were told, the ocean levels would begin to recede and the Earth begin to heal. Even so, maybe we should cut Obama some slack. It is a near-impossible task to live up to the brilliant reasoning and powerful imagery invoked by the “I Have a Dream” speech given half a century ago by the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., who exhorted Americans to end racial division and strife, and to be united.

Obama’s speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s speech actually started off well. He spoke of the horrible treatment that blacks suffered in America, of how “In the face of violence, they stood up and sat in with the moral force of nonviolence.” Of course, he neglected to mention that their tormentors were racist Democrats, but I digress. Obama went on to say “They had learned through hard experience what Frederick Douglas once taught: that freedom is not given; it must be won through struggle and discipline, persistence and faith.” A wise man, Frederick Douglass…and a Republican.

But alas Obama, ever the hyperpartisan hack, just could not help himself, once again destroying something good by diving into the deep end of the stagnant, fetid pool of race and class warfare, hitting on each and every word, phrase, and talking point he knew would send his minions into a state of furious Pavlovian salivation. He just could not help himself. Asking Obama to refrain from race and class warfare is like asking the ocean to stop being wet; and of course he blames everyone but himself.

He painted his political opponents not as being wrong on the issues, but of being hateful and cruel and heartless. He spoke of “entrenched interests…[who] resisted any government efforts to give working families a fair deal, marshaling an army of lobbyists and opinion makers…” who tell us “that greed was good and compassion ineffective, and those without jobs or health care had only themselves to blame.”

Sadly, having an opportunity to heal division, Obama instead stoked fires of racial and class animosity, demonized detractors, and charged them with malicious and nefarious intent. Fifty years after Dr. King’s inspiring speech, Obama disgraced the commemoration by giving a speech more appropriate for the DNC or labor unions.

The bitter irony, which the media sycophants in Obama’s kingdom would never willingly divulge, is that it is the very policies advanced by liberal Democrats that have seen black Americans suffer in ways that would demoralize Dr. King today were he still alive. He would be disgusted by the hypocritical double-standards of so many who invoke his name in support of their cause.

Today, millions of black children are stuck in failing schools, not because of discrimination, but because Democrats beholden to teachers unions fight viciously against any effort to give parents of poor black children a chance to escape. Attorney General Eric Holder recently asked a federal court to block a Louisiana program which gives vouchers to students in failing schools so they can attend superior private schools. The irony is that the justification used by Holder is that the failing schools would become more white, and therefore more segregated, if black kids left for the better schools. Fully 90% of the beneficiaries of this program are poor black children. This brings back memories of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, another voucher program serving poor black children, also shut down by Obama and the Democrats, and resurrected by Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans. It might make a curious person wonder why Democrats are so determined to keep black children stuck in failing schools. Might it have anything to do with the fact that blacks vote for Democrats more than 90% of the time, and a better education my make them question the wisdom of that habit?

Under Democrat policies, the black family has been eviscerated, with nearly 75% of all black children being born out of wedlock, which is the single strongest indicator for future poverty, crime, and failure to attain educational parity. Literally thousands of black children are aborted each and every day, encouraged by Democrats and facilitated by Planned Parenthood (which gets hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from Democrats), in a voluntary genocide that would appall Dr. King and make the KKK envious.

This destruction of the black family has led to crisis. Fatherless youths grow up to become gang members and criminals, and exponentially more black murder victims die at the hands of another black person than at the hands of a white person.

Yet instead of addressing these critical problems, Obama blames racism. Whereas Dr. King implored us to judge a man by the content of his character, Obama insists we only use skin color to judge a man. Dr. King, a Christian pastor, taught the importance of God, family, the church, and the community. Today, Obama attacks the church and replaces family and community with government welfare programs.

Obama was front and center during the trial of Trayvon Martin, a young black man with a history of fighting, drugs, and criminal behavior, who died when he initiated a fight with “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. Obama tugged on our heartstrings when he proclaimed that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. He used the tragedy to make the case that racism is alive and well in America.

Yet where has Obama (and Sharpton and Jackson) been in other recent interracial murders? For all his spotlighting of the Trayvon Martin case, he has been strangely silent regarding the murder of 22-year old white man Christopher Lane, shot and killed while out running in Duncan, Oklahoma. The shooter, who was black, was joined by two friends, who said they killed Lane because they were bored. Jesse Jackson’s response? He said such behavior should be “frowned upon”. So Trayvon deserves a Justice Department investigation, but this murder committed by a black thug should just be “frowned upon”?

Obama and his ilk have also been silent about the beating death of an 88-year old white man, WWII veteran Delbert Belton, who survived the Battle of Okinawa only to die last week at the hands of two black thugs. Nor has Obama commented on the murder of Antonio West, a 13-month old white baby who was shot in the face while sitting in a stroller, by 17-year old De’Marquise Elkins, who decided robbing the baby’s mother was not enough, and he had to kill her baby as well. Or David Santucci, killed by three black thugs (two male, one female) in Memphis, or Joshua Chellew, a 36-year old white man beaten brutally and chased into oncoming traffic by three black thugs, where he was struck and killed. Where is Obama in calling for justice in these cases? He’s nowhere to be found. Are these deaths not also tragic?

Dr. King prayed his children would live in a world where they would be treated equally, judged based on the content of their character. Would he have ignored such tragic developments, or have called for a return to those principles of liberty he so cherished? I often wonder how he would feel if he could see what has become of his dream, of the generational poverty, poor education, and crime rates that far too many blacks now suffer under…and nowhere is the suffering greater than in those areas run by liberal Democrats for decades. This should be important to not just black Americans, but to ALL Americans, because we all suffer from these destructive policies.

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