Obama throws more roadblocks for lawful gun ownership

Following the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School late last year, President Obama began his crusade against guns.  This despite a first term election promise to not do anything about guns because he didn’t have the votes.  Well, as President Obama found out, he still doesn’t. But that’s not stopping him from doing whatever he can to solve problems that don’t really exist:

With no chance remaining for a legislative solution on gun control, President Barack Obama on Thursday targetted the issue for the first time in months with a pair of executive actions.

The moves, along with the morning swearing-in of Todd Jones, the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, mark a fresh push to spotlight presidential efforts to fight gun violence in the face of congressional inaction.

The ATF will now require background checks for all guns that will be registered to a corporation or a trust, the White House said.
Obama’s second order will stop authorization that allows the re-importation of military-grade firearms that had been sold to allies or given as military assistance.

The White House said the government has approved requests to re-import more than 250,000 military-grade firearms since 2005.

First, let’s address the issues of trusts and corporations purchasing firearms.  On the surface, this isn’t a big deal.  After all, theoretically, a felon could establish a trust and bypass the background check to purchase firearms.  That’s what the White House says happens.  Of course, they say that without providing anything like numbers as to how many felons have purchased guns this way.

My guess is that the number is “zero.”

You see, the vast majority of felons who wish to purchase a firearm will just get a buddy with a clean background check to go and buy it.  It’s called a “straw purchase,” and it’s already illegal.  That doesn’t stop it from happening though.

Establishing a trust is a time consuming project, and it’s generally done by law abiding citizens who just want to make it easier to purchase their guns.  Yes, there are some legal hurdles it lets them skip, but it’s not any different than someone trying to find a way to skip going to the DMV.  The law abiding gun owner does get tired of jumping through hoops, and if there’s a legal way to skip them, they’ll take it.  Just like anyone else.

As for Obama’s second action, talk about a waste of ink.

Folks, these are guns we shipped off to foreign lands.  These allies decided that they no longer needed them, and want to give them back to us.  This is behavior we should thank them for.  However, instead, Obama wants to make them keep these guns indefinitely.

Now, these aren’t machine guns.  Most of these are older rifles that could easily be converted for legal use by citizens.  The Civilian Marksmanship Program would be an ideal way to distribute them, as it has been for decades.  However, President Obama has never believed in a “good” gun in civilian hands.

To make these two moves worse, neither of them would have done a thing to prevent Sandy Hook.  Not a single thing.  The shooter at Sandy Hook killed his own mother to take her gun and then unleashed hell on an unsuspecting school full of little children.  He didn’t buy a re-imported firearm, and he didn’t skip his background check by using a trust to buy a weapon.

What’s particularly telling is how President Obama makes whatever moves he can on guns, but has done so little regarding mental health in this nation.  It would be consistent with his political ideology to do so much regarding mental health, but we hear crickets chirping on that subject.  Instead, he simply goes after guns.

Now, every single mass shooting has involved a mental unbalanced individual.  Stable people don’t go shooting up schools and movie theaters.  However, where is the White House’s attention on that subject?

I’m not saying I want the government involved in the mental health system.  I don’t trust them to not screw it up.  They’re already there, and it’s already partially screwed up.  More involvement will mean more of the same.  No, what I’m saying is that while it’s consistent with Obama’s ideology to seek more involvement in the mental health system, he’s done nothing.  That just shows that he couldn’t care less about preventing another Sandy Hook — and he could probably get Republicans in Congress to work with him on the mental health system — and is really all about making it harder and harder for American citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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