Nevada AFL-CIO slams ObamaCare in resolution

Barack Obama

The Nevada chapter of the AFL-CIO unanimously passed a resolution yesterday condemning ObamaCare’s employer mandate and urged President Barack Obama and Congress to pass measures that would protect health insurance plans that labor unions have through Taft-Hartley (Labor Management Relations Act of 1947).

“Our members fight hard every day to put food on the table and provide for their families, and we must fight just as hard to ensure that their benefits are protected for years to come,” Nevada State AFL-CIO official Danny Thompson said in a release from the organization.

“This resolution shows that all of our labor members across the board are committed to making sure that any changes to our nation’s health care system are done so in the best interest of working people, and do not negatively impact their way of life,” he added.

The resolution, first reported by the Las Vegas Sun, notes the “strong political and moral support” that the labor union gave when Congress passed ObamaCare in 2010 and it notes the promises made by President Obama that the law wouldn’t effect the plans that they had in place. But that has proven false, as so many Americans are learning as the law is implemented, with one of the central problems being the employer mandate.

“[A]s a result of Administration inaction to fix the problem, the unintended consequences of [ObamaCare] will lead to the destruction of the 40 hour work week, higher taxes and force union members onto more costly plans — eventually destroying the Taft-Hartley Funds completely,” reads the resolution.

The employer mandate requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to offer health insurance benefits or face a punitive tax. Because ObamaCare defines a full-time employee as someone who works 30 or more hours a week, many employers have been scaling back hours or hiring only part-time workers.

The Nevada AFL-CIO simply wants the same treatment that businesses and Congress have received through various fixes of the law.

“[T]he Congress and the Administration have demonstrated they have the authority and power to make dozens of other corrections to [ObamaCare], including taking care of big business and well-paid Congressional staff members, but have yet to provide our unions with any relief to allow our healthcare plans to continue as they have for over 65 years,” the resolution added, referencing the employer mandate delay and the recent fix sparing Congress from higher health insurance premiums.

The resolution follows a letter co-signed by AFL-CIO President James Hoffa to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urging fixes to the law that will protect union health insurance plans.

Unions in Nevada played a large will in helping Reid win re-election in 2010 and in helping President Obama secure the state in his re-election last year.

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