Mary Landrieu fires and misses on issues dear to Louisiana


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is out with a new ad against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). For those of who grew up during the day of the 8-bit Nintendo, it may bring back some memories.

The ad, which plays off the game Duck Hunt, ran on Wednesday during the season premiere of Duck Dynasty, which is based in Louisiana. It focuses on how Landrieu “keeps firing and missing” on several issues important to the Bayou State — including ObamaCare, job creation, and taxes.

Landrieu, who could be vulnerable next year, voted for ObamaCare in 2010 and has constantly voted against efforts to repeal it, including the most recent vote in March.

Despite implementation problems and higher insurance premiums, which are expected to rise by 28% in Louisiana, Landrieu insists that ObamaCare is “going to be better than the old system, which was that less and less people had insurance.”

That may be what Landrieu thinks, but a majority of Americans don’t feel that way. According to Fox News poll released in May, 56% want to go back to the pre-ObamaCare system. Moreover, a majority of Americans disapprove of the law and want it repealed.

Landrieu’s record on energy regulation leaves Louisiana as losers. In 2011, she voted against a resolution of disapproval on an EPA rule regarding cross-state air pollution.

If this rule, which was aimed at the coal industry, hadn’t been struck down by a federal appeals court in 2012, it would have imposed a $800 million regulatory burden on states. That would have made it the most expensive regulation ever imposed by the EPA.

Despite being from a state dependent on the oil industry, in 2009, Landrieu voted for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who would later impose a moratorium on coastal drilling, causing many oil companies to leave the United States to leave the Gulf Coast to drill elsewhere.

And only did Landrieu support Salazar, she, in fact, she fawned over him during a hearing over his confirmation.

“It truly in some ways is a dream come true for some of us to have a person of your caliber and integrity and pureness of heart to run an agency that — and department that is truly in need of extraordinary reform and a man who has in his heart the capacity and background to fight for the people whose resources these are, and for a long time, they’ve not been managed well in many ways,” Landrieu told Salazar in January 2009.

“[A]nd so it really is an extraordinary opportunity, and I want to tell you will have my vote, you will have my support,” she continued, “and I’ll do everything I can to help meet the vision, to help you with the vision that you’ve outlined, which I think is ambitious, but most certainly necessary.”

Just a couple months later, Landrieu told Salazar, “I don’t believe the president could have made a better choice if he had looked all over the world, seriously, for a person to lead this department, than you.”

As many as 12,000 Louisiana workers lost their jobs because of the off-shore drilling moratorium.

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