Hillary says we must trust our Government

David Fayram (CC)

Hillary Clinton is starting a whirlwind tour to promote the concept of trusting the government, and touting the merits of transparency in government. While it might be very tempting to consider this a really ironic punchline of a joke, that’s really what the former Secretary of State is doing.

On a practical level, it does make some sense that Hillary would consider it necessary to restore the nation’s faith in its government. As to whether or not she really “gets” why she is absolutely the wrong person to attempt to deliver that message will undoubtedly remain a mystery. Yes, it is very likely that detractors from the right will regularly lampoon her with comments including her infamous statement on Benghazi - “What difference does it make?” That will be enjoyable in the short term, but given the nature of the public and mainstream media, it is foolish to expect that will be enough to defuse her attempts to lie her way to a reasonable chance at seating herself in the Oval Office.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what this tour is about. It has nearly nothing to do with its stated aim. Hillary will be out there making it clear that while she’s somewhat the same as her former boss, she isn’t for the cloak and dagger activities of this administration that have been called “phony scandals” in an attempt to keep them out of the public eye. If that isn’t her gameplan, then she really doesn’t have any intention of running in 2016.

That doesn’t mean that the right and civil libertarians should give her a pass, of course. It does mean that it is time to pay attention to what Hillary has to say, and call her on every hypocritical statement she will have to make. Every blatant lie must be debunked, publicly. And make no mistake, there will have to be a lot of them in the meat and bones of these speeches, or this tour really won’t be about restoring faith in government. Hillary cannot be permitted to distance herself from the Obama Administration because of the obvious - she was neck deep in everything that she will undoubtedly be criticizing.

So, that means instead of going with the kneejerk reaction to simply make fun of her, it is time to sharpen our investigative skills. It is time to respond with not just jokes, but with facts to contradict the lies. Remember, this is just step one on Hillary’s trail to 2016. She has to distance herself from the sins of the current administration, and make the public think that she wasn’t a willing participant in its wrongdoing. It’s not something Hillary has a choice about either.

There will be a great deal of fodder for the opposition in the pile of questionable characters she and Bill have admitted to their inner-circle over the years - see Terry McAuliffe and Huma Abedin for two. If this tour came remotely close to offering “truth in advertising”, it would be called “The Restoring Faith In Hillary - Who Wasn’t Really Involved In All That Bad Stuff Obama Did” tour. And so the battle for 2016 has started. Time to dig in, and reveal the truth, because the lies are about to get very deep.

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