Lindsey Graham not hosting townhall meetings during August recess

The August recess is intended to allow members of Congress a chance to go home to meet and talk with constituents.

Many members are taking the opportunity, scheduling a number of townhall meetings across their districts and states. Others, however, aren’t doing much to hear what people have to say.

With a number of issues currently facing Congress, including the push to defund ObamaCare, there is a contingent of representatives and senators who are trying to avoid discussing the concerns of constituents back home. Among them is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Though he has encouraged pro-immigration reform activists to target Republicans during their events during the August recess, Graham hasn’t scheduled a single townhall meeting to hear the voices of South Carolinians.

A quick look at Graham’s official Senate website yields nothing for the current break. There’s nothing on his official Facebook or Twitter accounts about any planned townhall events. In fact, the most recent townhall event  or “Constituent Service Day” we could find was in the summer of 2010.

Graham did participate in a few townhall events around the country last year to complain about defense spending cuts, though South Carolina wasn’t on the list of stops. He also visited Egypt with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) earlier this month, where he met with the recently overthrown Muslim Brotherhood and determined that the opposition were wrong to fight the abuses of a tyrant.

We did put in a call to Graham’s Washington office about the prospects of a townhall meeting this month. We were told that he wasn’t hosting anything this month.

“Not in August,” said a staffer in Graham’s Washington office. “But as soon as we’re back in session, he will.”

Mmmkay. Seems legit.

Graham has taken positions on a number of issues that are out of touch with South Carolina conservatives, many of which recently presented in a resolution proposed by activists in the Greenville County Republican Party. More recently, Graham has refused to get behind efforts to defund ObamaCare.

Given that his approval ratings have fallen and he’s facing primary challenges from three candidates, one would think that Graham would be eager to hear what he’s doing wrong. But no, he’s trying to hide.

So what can you do to pressure Graham? FreedomWorks, a DC-based organization that promotes grassroots causes, has provided a tool on their website that allows constituents to search their zip code to find contact information for their representatives in Washington.

As Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, recently told The New York Times, if Graham has nothing to hide, he has nothing to be afraid of.

If you’re a South Carolina resident eager to voice your concerns about ObamaCare or any number of other issues currently working through Congress, give Sen. Graham a call and demand that you be allowed to participate in the process.

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