House Democrat: Employer mandate delay was politically motivated

Employer Mandate meme

Nothing gets past Rep. Kurt Schrader. The Oregon Democrat has figured out that the administration’s delay of ObamaCare’s employer mandate was politically motivated.

The Weekly Standard notes that Schrader made the admission in response to a question from a viewer during a local television appearance.

“Why are ‘Obamacare’ employer mandates held off until after the next election?” asked the viewer. “Sounds like they want to retain Congress people before we get clobbered with much higher insurance rates.”

Schrader replied, “Well, I don’t know.”

“I have my suspicions about the political motivations here, too. I’d be less than honest if I [hadn’t] said that,” added Schrader before going onto discuss the concerns he’s heard from the business community.

There’s no question that the employer mandate delay was an attempt to save congressional Democrats in 2014.

Yes, businesses have expressed concern about the mandate and they’ve responded to it by cutting hours and hiring mostly part-time employees. In fact, many businesses owners have said that a one-year delay of the employer mandate isn’t enough.

Moreover, near constant stories of rising health insurance premiums and implementation problems — the most recent of which is the delay of ObamaCare’s consumer-cost caps — are damaging to vulnerable Democrats seeking re-election in both chambers of Congress. That’s especially true in the Senate, where Republicans have a decent chance of taking the majority.

President Obama is hoping to salvage his presidency by winning a Democratic majority in the House. That prospects of that were already specious, but the negative news surrounding ObamaCare wasn’t helping.

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