Chatting with Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)

Paul Broun

“I talk to employer after employer that tells me that they’re just sitting tight trying to figure out what to do about it because they don’t know how to operate their business under this threat of ObamaCare. What is happening is employers who need to hire new people are not doing so because of ObamaCare.” — Rep. Paul Broun

If you’ve been following some of the news out of Washington, you know there is a big push from Republicans in both chambers of Congress to defund ObamaCare. But for some, there is more than can be done to fix the ongoing problems with America’s healthcare system.

Rep. Paul Broun, MD (R-GA), a general practitioner who has represented Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, since, has a unique perspective when it comes to healthcare. He has spent the last several years making house calls to patients who need medical care.

During a discussion last week with United Liberty, Broun explained that that he has re-introduced the Patient Option Act, a consumer-driven healthcare proposal that presents a stark contrast between the top-down approach currently being implemented by Obama Administration.

“What it is is a patient-centered market-based healthcare plan that will totally reform healthcare finance. The new version is going to totally get the government out of making healthcare decisions for anybody,” Broun said of the Patient Option Act. “What it will do is it will make healthcare cheaper for everybody, it’s going to provide coverage for all Americans, and it’s going to save Medicare from going broke.”

This is the kind of repeal and replace bill that we should be looking at because it’s really the only one that makes sense economically. It puts patients in charge of all of their healthcare decisions,” he explained. “And that’s the kind of policy that Americans deserve, and that’s what we’re reintroducing.”

ObamaCare was never about making healthcare more consumer-friendly, which is why Broun said that President Barack Obama didn’t take seriously input from Republicans during the 2009/2010 healthcare reform debate.

“He was not interested in that. In fact, he was only interested in promoting what we got as ObamaCare. And frankly, what he’s doing is he’s trying to push us into a single-payer government-directed healthcare system. And that’s what he believes in,” said Broun. “That’s what ObamaCare is designed to go to. And it’s going to be a destroyer — in fact, it is a destroyer today. It’s already destroying jobs, it’s hurting our economy. It’s going to destroy the doctor-patient relationship. It’s going to destroy the quality of healthcare.”

“We must get rid of ObamaCare and replace it with something that’s going to empower patient, something that’s going to allow the patients and their doctors to make all healthcare decisions,” he added. “And the only solution is my Patient Option Act.”

Broun was baffled at the White House’s threat to veto legislation to delay the employer mandate. But he noted the the administration delay of the provision is illegal and explained the effect that ObamaCare is having on businesses across the Peach State.

“The Senate architect of ObamaCare, Sen. Max Baucus from Montana, said it’s a trainwreck. He’s absolutely correct,” said Broun. “It’s a trainwreck, it’s a train right now that is headed towards a head-on collision with a brick wall that has no engineer that’s driving the train and it’s gonna be catastrophic for the American citizens.”

“Already, just as an example, I talked to a businessman the other day. His health insurance for his employees that he provides has gone up 40% this year as opposed to last. I talked to another employer that hires over 200 employees, he told me, at several fast food restaurants across the state of Georgia,” he continued. “He’s told me that he’s very seriously considering to let all of those employees who are full-time employees go, and just having part-time employees. This is the kind of destruction that we already see occurring because of ObamaCare.”

The conversation moved onto the recent vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) to limit funding for NSA surveillance to only individuals under an actual investigation by intelligence agencies. Broun, who voted for the amendment, explained that the NSA’s surveillance techniques are “totally against the Fourth Amendment,” which protects Americans’ right to privacy.

“[T]his idea that the NSA has the authority under the PATRIOT Act to collect phone records from every U.S. citizen as well as email records from every U.S. citizen is just totally wrong and flies in the face of what our Founding Fathers meant for us to have in the way of liberty in this nation,” said Broun. “And the Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect those liberties.”

But Broun pointed out that the problem of unconstitutional spying isn’t limited to just the current administration, adding that the Bush Administration was also guilty of conducting surveillance illicit surveillance on Americans.

“I want to spy on those that want to harm us. And we have to have the ability to do so, and we can do that. But there must be due cause for the NSA to gather any records on any American citizen in my opinion,” he said. “And this gathering information of all American citizens must stop. I’ll do everything I can do make it stop.”

Even though the Amash amendment failed to applause from its opponents, a scene which Broun found “detestable, the Georgia Congressman is hopeful that the tide is turning against an intrusive government.

After some discussion about education and the need to eliminate various cabinet-level departments, United Liberty asked Broun about his campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

“[O]ne person standing on principle in the U.S. Senate has a whole lot more wherewithal to effect policy and effect how legislation is handled here in Washington as well as dealing with the advice and consent function of the U.S. Senate,” noted Broun. “That’s confirming nominations to the federal courts as well as administration positions.”

“We’re in an economic emergency as a nation. What I’ve been fighting up here ever since I’ve been elected is this out of control government,” he said. “It’s gotten too big, too powerful, it’s spending too much, it’s taxing too much, regulating too much, borrowing too much, sticking it’s ugly nose in our business too much, and it just has to stop.”

Broun offered a contrast between himself and the rest of the crowded Republican field, which includes two other Congressmen, Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston, and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel.

“What separates me from all the other candidates is that I am the only original intent constitutionalist that’s running. I’m the only candidate that has a record of stopping this out of control spending,” said Broun. “I’ve spent the whole time I’ve been up here trying to stop this out of control spending. I’ve introduced more pieces of legislation to cut spending than any other member of Congress. In just the last Congress, I introduced legislation to cut over $155 billion of out of control spending and wasteful spending. I’ve been doing that in this Congress already.”

He also noted other legislative endeavors that attest to his conservative credentials, including his proposed balanced budget amendment, his patient-centered healthcare platform, and his work to protect the Second Amendment. He touted his “four-way constitutional test” and added that he’s never voted for a tax increase and, as a Marine reservist, understand the need for a strong national defense.

As noted, there other issues discussed, all of which you can listen to in the audio embedded at the top of the post.

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