Letter to the Editor: Save our Republic from the National Security and Surveillance State

 John Galt

Below is a Letter to the Editor, sent anonymously to United Liberty by a reader. The full, typewritten letter can be found below (click to enlarge).

So it’s okay for the NSA to come into your house and take very bit of information you have as long as they don’t look at it? To listen to everything you say as long as they don’t heard? To probe you and send all your medical records to the IRS, just in case?

But don’t worry, the cold dead eyes of those officials who have violated their oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution like Feinstein, Reid, Rogers, Boehner, Holder, and Obama will provide oversight! (Not to mention the secret court, it’s secret! We call believe in the tooth fairy.)

This member of the “Governed” no longer gives his “Consent.”

As for the disposition of information already collected, they can stick it up their tyrannical asses!

John Galt

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