House to vote on individual mandate delay

With the Obama Administration playing defense on ObamaCare due to its unpopularity and implementation problems, including the delay of the employer mandate and significant relaxation of eligibility verification for taxpayer-funded subsidies; House Republicans are preparing to up the ante.

During his weekly press conference yesterday, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told reporters that the House of Representatives will vote next week on legislation to delay the individual mandate for one-year.

“ObamaCare is raising costs, it’s making it harder for small businesses to hire, and frankly, with last week’s announcement, it’s wide open to fraud and abuse.  In short, it’s a train wreck.  And even the administration knows that this law is unworkable,” said Boehner. “The President has delayed ObamaCare’s employer mandate, but hasn’t delayed the mandate on individuals or families. I think it’s unfair and indefensible.”

He noted that businesses will get a pass on ObamaCare for a year, but that young Americans struggling to pay off student loans, a reference to another ongoing legislative battle, or hardworking parents fighting to make ends meet will not get the same treatment.

“Listen, is it fair for the President to give American businesses an exemption from the health law’s mandates, without giving the same break to individuals and families across the country?” Boehner asked. “Hell no it isn’t.”

“Next week the House will vote to delay both the employer mandate and the individual mandate,” he added. “I believe it’s unfair to protect big businesses from ObamaCare, but not individuals and families.”

A recent poll conducted by HealthPocket showed that a plurality believes that the delay of the employer mandate should extended to the individual mandate.

The starkly populist tone expressed by Boehner comes a day after Senate Republicans sent a letter to President Obama asking him to permanently delay ObamaCare for all Americans, citing the concerns of business owners, rising health insurance premiums and the burden of the individual mandate.

While this may be good politics, striking while the Obama Administration is struggling to fight the perception that implementation of its signature domestic law is falling very short, some conservatives believe this vote isn’t enough. Chris Chocola, a former Congressman and current president of the Club for Growth says that Congress should defund ObamaCare.

“Instead of voting to delay implementation of both the individual and employer mandates in ObamaCare, Congress should defund and repeal ObamaCare entirely,” said Chocola in statement. “Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to completely defund ObamaCare. Congress should pass Cruz’s bill.”

“Why delay, when we should repeal? ObamaCare is an awful, anti-growth law today, it will be bad tomorrow, and it will certainly still be bad a year from now,” added Chocola.

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