Actor John Cusack not happy with media’s NSA coverage

John Cusack

Yes. We’re still talking about the NSA, the wide range of spying programs the agency continues to run and how Americans are handling the apparent incessant flow of leaks.

Just before enthusiastic reports concerning the NSA whistleblower’s whereabouts, the drama involving the plane carrying Bolivia’s president Evo Morales, and how France and Portugal refused to allow the plane to travel in their airspace came about, actor and producer John Cusack expressed heartfelt umbrage when asked how he felt about the media and its handling of the issues.

“Why are the red and blue elites in the establishment press so afraid of an informed public”? As a Freedom of the Press Foundation’s active board member, John Cusack expressed frustration with the media’s seemingly neglectful coverage of the NSA’s spying programs and distasteful approach to the whistleblower’s character during a recent phone interview.

According to Cusack, the media is doing a great job, if the its sole purpose is to assassinate the whistleblower’s character and avoid tackling the real issues.

During the interview, he seemed extremely disappointed while talking about the media’s focus on changing the subject. The FPF’s board member asked rhetorically if the establishment media was “so co-opted by government access that they” ended up losing “all sense of proportionality.” According to the reports, the actor wishes to see a shift in how the media is covering the issue. He expects to use his position to shine a light on the real problems Americans have been exposed to and maybe bring others along for the ride.

According to Cusack, the media has been consistent with its flawed coverage of NSA’s metadata mining programs and smearing of the whistleblowers. Undermining the real story by damaging the whistleblower’s reputation is “the oldest trick in the book,” says the actor.

Reps for Stop Watching Us were also interviewed. According to the reports, the grass-roots organization is asking the U.S. Congress to reveal the “full extent of the NSA’s spying programs.” The organization has collected over 550,000 signatures for its petition so far. Reps for Restore the Fourth and the Electronic Frontier Foundation also joined the phone interview. Reps for Mozilla, which is the only browser developer not involved with NSA’s PRISM program, also participated.

Recently, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was harshly and openly criticized during the latest Netroots Nation conference over the NSA’s spying. When asked about her views on the National Security Agency’s attack on our constitutional rights, the congresswoman was quick to blame the previous administration on foregoing warrantless wiretapping programs but didn’t seem too concerned about the recent revelations linked to PRISM by saying that our nation must come to terms with the idea of finding a balance between security and civil liberties.

While we’re certain President George W. Bush did not waste any time filing court orders to carry out his surveillance programs, making it legal via a controversial provision added to the PATRIOT ACT while President Obama was in charge does not make this administration’s handling of the issue any less problematic.

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